Psychological research: A questionnaire for cancer patients & cancer survivors

Clinical psychologists from Lincoln and Nottingham universities are recruiting cancer patients in the UK to take part in research by doing a questionnaire.

The questionnaire takes 15/20 minutes and you will be sent the results if you’re interested.

Please click on the link to read more about why we’re doing the study and to participate:   link removed

Thank you!



Do you have any links to either university’s websites to prove the authenticity of this research?



Has this been vetted by the Breast Cancer Care site? They have a specific page for research opportunities… off to investigate that page.


Cant see a mention there - have messaged the moderators

Thank you for highlighting this.  I have removed the link from the post and contacted the user directly.  As you so correctly said we have strict controls over the research requests for the forum.

Thank you for your vigilance, it really helps us to know that our users are also looking out for each other.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer