Purrfection and a favour

Hello all hope you are all well, especially you Radi8tors . Can I ask a favour of everyone a friend of mine who was very good to me last year when I was poorly has been talked into entering her cat in an online (non profit) competition. And I would love for her to win, she is in the lead but it is rumoured the dogs are making a comeback tomorrow. So all votes appreciated. The cat is called Cassie and she is a gorgeous tortie.
This is the link there is nothing “odd” about it or dodgy. So any votes would be appreciated Thank you very much. Karen

Opps this is the link, vote for Cassie the cat :slight_smile:http://media.myfoxdc.com/petcorner/poll\_pet\_week\_vote.html


If you have the time please spare a vote. Remember the saying “vote for a cat a day” okay I made that up but I bet it made you all smile :slight_smile:

Hi Gypsy,

I voted. Woohoo! Ah bless, put a smile on my face and also when I saw the photos.
Bestie luck to wee Cassie now.

Tecup xx

Voted and Cassie is still in the lead!



Hi Karen, done…good luck to Cassie!

Hi Karen

Done. She is lovely. And still in the lead!



Voted. She’s well in the lead!!


Hi Karen,

Voted! That little white dog looks a bit evil I think!!!

Louisa xx

Btw I have an evil little white dog of my own - tried to bite the decorator last week, lucky he had two layers of painting overalls on!!

Louisa xx

Cassie is Pet of the Week!!!

With 60%, 268 votes out of 444!!!

Thank you all very very much I owe you all a good deed.


Yes! Well done Cassie. She deserved it.