putting herceptin on hold

Hi all my name’s carole, I haven’t been on this site for a little while, anyway, I have now started chemo, 3 x fec followed by 3 x tax and I also have to have herceptin for a year which will start in june. My family and I are going on a very well earned holiday in August, after my diagnosis and losing my mum, we soooo deserve it. My concern is I have read alot about herceptin and don’t really like the sound of the side effects, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have a problem but because this holiday means so much to my family and I it would be nice to enjoy it I know there are no guarantees that I will have side effects or not but I am thinking of asking my oncologist if I could put this on hold until I come back. I know this may sound really selfish after all I am getting the best possible treatment and I do feel slightly selfish for thinking of asking but I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had the same kind of problem, and if so what did you do? Thankx . P.s I hope nobody out there thinks bad of me for wanting to ask such a thing x

Hya Caroleg, I had no side effects whatsoever on herceptin, well none that I was aware of anyway. I think that most would agree that herceptin is nothing at all like chemotherapy. Your oncologist will advise what is the best option. I am sure you will have a good holiday. Take care Eileen

Just to let you know I had no side effects at all on Herceptin or I should say as Eileen none that I was aware off.

Best wishes

The first six months of herceptin were really easy. Even when I did get side effect during the final few months, I was able to live a normal life. I didn’t have any problems that would have affected my ability to enjoy vacation.

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Hi Carole,
Why would you be afraid anyone would think badly of you!! It’s your body your life and you make the meds fit around it.

I have been on herceptin now for 5+ years. I don’t think I have ever had any side effects that I could put down to herceptin. Most tolerate it very well. It doesnt have the drastic effect on your blood counts either. If you start in June work out your dates so that they dont clash with your holiday dates - so best to count back so that your starting date works in with it. They dont mind you delaying for a week - so you could have a 4 week gap. I have travelled all over the world whilst I have been on herceptin.


Thank you all for the replies, I did get myself in a bit of a state, like I say I am very aware that not all people have bad reactions to herceptin but after reading what people have gone through I have to admit I did get very worried. But I will speak to my onc and am sure that something can be worked out. Lots of love to you all xxx