Q10 Hi
I thought I would start this as a new thread as I note that Suemau did not get a reply from the Supplement thread and I too would like help - particularly with the capsule strength that we need to take to prevent heart trouble on Herceptin.

There is a thread, by JPoet, on the Secondaries Forum that has stimulated my interest and my need to take action.


how does it work?
what strength do we need to take?


Some answers… Hi Blondie

I’m taking Q10, as I have read that it protects the heart whilst taking Adriamycin, which is part of my chemo cocktail. I believe that Q10 is meant to be protective of the heart generally, and that it is a substance that our bodies produce, but decreasingly with age and also less so when the liver is under strain, as it is during chemo for example. Susannah Olivier in her diet and breast cancer book also quotes some research which suggests that fairly high dosages of Q10 may reverse some breast cancer tumours (sounds too good to be true to the born pessimist that I am !!). She recommends taking 100mg per day.

The downside is that it is an expensive supplement - I get my supplements from Higher Nature (which is one of several very reputable supplement companies in the UK), and they tend to be even more expensive. I take 1 tab per day (30mg per tab so considerably less than SO advises), and 90 tablets cost £32.50 from Higher Nature. I expect you could get them cheaper elsewhere.

I don’t know how Q10 works though, so can’t help with that - wish I did know though. It’s a bit irksome when you get advised take this or the other without being given an explanation of how things are supposed to work.

Anyway hope this helps a bit

Take care


Q10 Plays a vital role in intracellular energy production and is essential for a normal heart function.

It is an anti oxidant - involved in preserving cellular integrity and function.

It has immuno stimulant activity.

Use of Q10 often discussed on her2support.org.

See my latest post on Q10 on the “Undergoing treatment” forum (not Secondaries).

My understanding is that Q10 is a natural enzyme produced in the liver, that it is a tissue-builder, is foundin heart muscle and so aids healthy heart function.

As for cost, I buy “Bio-Quinone” brand. A pack of 150 capsules of 100 mg. each costs about £75 from my local health food shop. This gives me just over a 2-month supply at £1 a day. (I am taking 200mg daily because of cardiotoxic reation to Herceptin). Holland & Barrett and Boots sell the stuff but in much lower dosages. Be aware there can be side-effects to taking Q10. For info. see the references in my posting mentioned above.