Query on heart function

Hi all
Hope everyone coping ok.
I am at number 8 into a course of 18 Herceptin. My onc. has pulled my heart scan from 12 weeks to 6 weeks as my last scan showed a drop of 10 points. I was too scared to ask what it now is.
He said that it is still ok but does anyone know if the function can go up again? Another silly question is there anything I can do to help it recover e.g does exercice help, rest or is it totally out of my control.
I feel relieved that I have almost made it to 6 months but I am high risk as I had a lot of lymph involvement and high grade not hormone receptive etc. so putting a lot of faith in herceptin.

Any ideas - can a reading go up again??

Anxious MuddyXX

Hi Muddy

My score dropped half way thru and I had to have a little break, cant remember exact score as Nov 2006 but think it went from 65 to 53 however I was back on it before christmas as after 4/5 weeks score had gone back up again.

By this time I was back to regular excerise of loads of walking and cycling with my 2 kids and a high impact areobics class every Friday. Some times there is no explanation but my Onc reckons it was the person doing the echo as on this occassion I had 4 of them in and the one in charge was insisting on doing it even though the regular guy who always found my heart easy had to watch her struggle. I was just glad for the little break it gave my veins, but was very upset at first when told my score as I knew my Onc would delay treatment, like you lots of node involvement plus my Onc had got special funding for me of have herceptin 6 months prior to NICE approval, so knew I really needed it.

Hope your score recovers quickly too, they may well check you again in 4 weeks.

Debbie x

bl…dy h.ll Debbie I’m tired just reading of your activity! Margaret

Hi muddy,

It is surprising how much the MUGA results can go up and down. I started with a baseline LVEF reading of 54 - not brilliant but o.k. Over the years it has dipped to as low as 42 and as high as 68 - currently back at 54ish. My oncologist has been ok with letting me stay on herceptin even when low as I dont have any symptoms of heart problems i.e. not breathless, no swollen ankles etc. Most people who are stopped because of a low reading seem to have a good one after a short break as well. So good luck and try not to worry too much. Even at 8 lot of herceptin you are thought to have quite a bit of protection.


Thanks you all for taking the trouble to reply. I am having my echo on Tuesday so will keep fingers crossed. I feel ok but tired - I think it is 6 TAC, 30 Radio and now this - it really is a long haul.

I have had a few people ask why I am not back to work. I counted 6 hosp apt in Aug so I really feel that I need to take time for me. Went back to work full time when kids were only 10 weeks old so dont feel guilty but some folk really dont have a clue.

Thanks again