Question about breast clinic???

Hi all, I’ve had my appointment come through now for next Thursday 25th at the breast clinic. (If u haven’t read previous post doctor referred me after I found a lump, I’m 32)
what I wanted to know is could they just scan me and know for definite if its not cancer?? My brother died aged 26 from cancer so I’m very worried for myself and also putting my parents through it all again.
would it be likely they will do a core biopsy given my family history (my brother had secondary liver cancer…never found the primary)
I’m hoping in a way that they will do a biopsy because I’m not sure I would be happy with them saying its definitely not cancerous just by looking at ultrasound/mammogram.
also I’ve read numerous times that they tend not to do mammograms on ladies under 35 because the breast tissue is too dense to give a good reading,
any advice on what you think they might do???
Im also trying to find info on cancer being linked in families, all I can find is breast cancer links but what about siblings having different types of cancer? My brother had a very very aggressive form and died just 4 months after diagnosis.
any Help would be greatly appreciated
faye xxx

Dear Faye,
I dont know much at all about genetic testing but I am sure because of your family history that they will be very careful how they test you and if you want a biopsy then maybe you could ask. It would put your mind at rest.
I am sure someone who knows a bit more than me will help you soon. Sending you positive vibes Tracy xxx

Hi Faye,
The procedures at the Breast Clinic may be different in different areas, but when I went I had an examination by a consultant, (confirming a lump was there), then a mammogram, an ultrasound and something called a fine needle aspiration, (FNA). This is when they insert a needle into the lump to draw off some cells which are then examinined to see if they are cancerous.
In my case, all the results came through on the same day. I waited an hour or so after the FNA and was then told. I would think that if there is ANY suspicion at all, they would do an FNA or other biopsy rather than just rely on mammogram or ultrasound.
I’m afraid I don’t know anything about genetic testing, but I hope the above is helpful.
Thinking of you, and very much hoping it all turns out to be fine, (which 80-90% of lumps do).

HI Faye, Catseye’s description is pretty much how I see it - most clinic give same day results after an ultrasound /mmamo/biospy combo - do try to take someone with you cos its hard to hear the information when you get it if it is bad news. My understanding of the genetic testing thing is that there are genetic services all over the country, some in seperate buildings to the cancer care others in same building - you can ask your GP to refer you or if you get a cancer diagnosis you can ask your oncologist…
very best of luck,


Thank you all so much for your advice, your all such lovely people on here. I’ve been reading posts on this site when ever I get some spare time and you are all so inspiring, you cope amazingly well and I honestly don’t know how you do it, I’m in awe of you all.
The clinic I’m going to is a one stop one within my local hospital…the same hospital where I’m about to start working as a healthcare assistant! Ironic! on my leaflet it says the tests will be done in the morning then I will be called back after 3.15pm to get the results…so do you suggest this is where I take someone with me? I’ve decided to go on my own whilst they are doing the tests as my husband will have to stay home with my little boy, but I kind of dont see the point in taking anyone to that part.
While they are doing the ultrasound/mammogram do they tell you anything what they are seeing??? Or do they just keep completely quiet until they give you results from everything?
I expressed my fears to my doctor about what happened to my brother so I’m hoping that will be in the notes for the consultant to see. I feel like I need to know 100% that they are certain (if its nothing sinister)
thanks again everyone, really appreciate you replying, faye xxx

Hi Faye,
Yes, please, please take your husband with you when you get the results. I was so glad my husband was there, not least because he listened to, (and remembered…amazing!) all the information I was given but was too upset to take in. Also, drove me home afterwards.
I was not given any information whilst the mammogram and ultrasound were being done. I didn’t ask, but suspect they would have been non-commital, because breaking bad news, (if that is the case), needs to be done very carefully and when all the facts are assembled.
Agree with Flori35 about telling your parents. Everyone will want to offer support and the more people loving and helping you the better.
Take Care,


Thanks to you both, right I will make sure hubby can come with me then for the results, still can’t quite believe this is happening, it’s a strange thought knowing my life could be literally turned upside down within a week or so.
Did you ladies have a lump? If so how hard would you say it was??? I’ve read somewhere it can feel as hard as a carrot!!! Mine doesn’t feel quite that hard but it doesn’t in no means feel soft either, another I’d heard was that a cyst should feel squidgy like a grape.
I’d say my lump feels like a hard bit of gristle…only way I can describe it really.
Sorry for all the Q’s xx

Hi Faye,
Yes, I did have a lump. It felt firm, I’d say more like a dried pea than a carrot though!! I don’t know whether a cyst would feel more squidgey or not, my GP thought mine was most likely a cyst but fortunately referred me urgently anyway.
It seems to me, the only way you can tell for sure what it may be is mammogram, ultrasound and if necessary biopsy, so perhaps you should try not to think too much about how it feels, as you can drive yourself mad doing this, with no resolution. If the doctors could tell by feeling it, you would not have to have the other tests.
I know it’s a worrying time and each day feels like a week but the appointment will soon come round. The chances are it will not be cancer and you can heave a huge sigh of relief. If the news is not so good, your team will look after you…you kind of get swept up in the treatment and before you know it you are out the other end!
My treatment finished four weeks ago, (apart from five years Tamoxifen), but in January I was in exactly your position and I would say the worry before diagnosis is the worst bit.
Take care of yourself and remember to try not to google…I’ve scared myself silly by not following this advice!

You have already had some great advice. It is a little strange having an ultrasound without so much chit-chat - so unlike the ones when you are pg.
Before I had bc, I had a benign lump in my breast. From memory, it felt a bit gristly (it was 8 years ago now). It was a fibroadenoma. I had it removed - for that op, I was only in hospital for an afternoon for that operation. Googling Fibroadenoma shouldn’t scare you too much.

Hello everyone… 4th October I had a mammogram- ultrasound- and needle core biopsy… the results showed 2 lumps up and also a mass which they are concerned about… the biopsy on the lumps showed up inconclusive ( Ive always had right breast pain and under the armpit for sometime now) I am now going Fri 19th Oct for a double biopsy -((… which Im hoping to at least know some news else I will have to wait till the 25th Oct… I thought I was coping quite well with the waiting… keeping busy…positive etc… my problem is not sleeping!!! im sure this is quite usual for us :-)…anyone got any ideas on how they coped while waiting… my bcn told me its the worst time… waiting… just wish I was more patient xx

Hi Faye
my BC was diagnosed after a mammogram and ultrasound, then confirmed by biopsy. The radiographer who did my ultrasound said that the lump was not very visible on the mammogram (which tend to be less useful diagnosing problems in younger women, I’m 43), but said there was definitely something there when he did the ultrasound. I asked if it could be benign and he said no, he didn’t think so. My OH came with me to the appointment, thankfully. Weirdly, for me the waiting was worse than the diagnosis, as until I knew for sure my head was just spinning. As others have said, most lumps are benign, try to keep busy between now and your appointment to try and keep your head away from the ‘what ifs’.
Fingers crossed for the 25th, I hope you get good news.
Alix xx

Hi Faye and Sandra51,
Just to say hope you are both coping OK, and good luck with the biopsies tomorrow Sandra,