question for the moderator

after treatment has finished [ bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction , tram method if i cant have a mammogram how will my breasts be checked in the future

Dear Gobby

Would you like to post your message in another thread as it probably won’t be seen by other users in here? If you wish to call our helpline for a chat about follow up care, please call 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm and our specialist nurses will be able to discuss this with you.

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dear gobby if you have had bilateral mastectomy I don’t think you would have mammograms. I would check for unusual skin changes or lumps in your armpit. I found some pictures on the internet of what skin changes look like. they were sort of greyish flat areas which looked different from the surrounding skin. Also you can get reddish rashes. you could also check for lumps above your collarbone

well that’s what I’d do

otherwise leave it up to your follow up visits.

Hi Gobby, I had bilateral mastectomies with tram reconstruction 3 months ago and was told that I will not have mammograms as I do not have breasts now (ie breast tissue)!! I was told just to keep an eye and report any changes or lumps bumps etc…

hi there i had reconstruction last year big tummy 1, and i have been told i wont get a mamogram but an ultrasound of my new boob, got an appoinmnt for the 19 th might b a good didea 2 ask about that

I had a diep reconstruction of one breast. When i have had mammograms since then they have xrayed the reconstructed breast to incase there are changes in surroundin tissue.