Question for those on weekly Paclitaxol...

I had my 2nd of 12 weekly courses of Paclitaxol yesterday and for most of today I’ve had a sore and kind of dry maybe tickly throat. I’m almost certain the same thing happened after my first course too and lasted for a few days. Has anyone else experienced the same or similar? Will it happen after every course? Xx

Also does anyone get little shaky hand episodes or kind of palpitation episodes in the first day or two after treatment? Xx

Hi, I had 10 weekly doses of Paclitaxol and had a sore throat for a couple of days each cycle. It did get like that after each dose for me. My hands also got a bit shaky and I put that down to the steroids I was given with the Taxol.

Hope the Taxol works well for you.

Bad Fairy x