Question: Lumpy breast with discoloured wrinkly patch after lumpectomy

Hello, can anyone share the appearance of their breast? I had a successful lumpectomy for DCIS with minimal invasive on 14 March. The breast is noticeably smaller, and the scar under my arm reasonably neat, but the area near the scar still looks yellowish and oddly wrinkled, and it is lumpy underneath. Of course we are taught to dread breast lumps (I didn’t have symptoms before the problem was detected by mammogram). Can anyone let me know if this is normal? I am feeling sad and confused today, as if the permanence of this has finally hit me. I have my son here studying for GCSEs. He doesn’t know, and I can’t tell him until he has done his exams as he would not take it well. Any reassurance about appearance gratefully received.


Next thing is sentinal node biopsy and then probably radio, but all on hold while I help my son through revision.

Yes mine is lumpy and wrinkly and 10 months post surgery! I’m sure what you’re experiencing is perfectly normal but give your BCN a ring tomorrow just to put your mind at rest.
This time last year, I too was keeping the news from my daughter as she was taking her GCSEs. Really difficult times.
Sending a hug x

Hello, once my lumpectomy settled down I had a wrinkly slightly discoloured patch too.  Effectively I think it is where there is no longer enough “stuffing” in the breast to pad out the skin.  The yellowness could also be bruising that is still healing.  The lumpiness is almost certainly scar tissue and massage may help under the direction of your BCN.  It takes about 6 months to see what the breast will finally look like and then there may be some further cosmetic procedures you could have to improve it such as fat transfer to pad it out a bit or even having the other side adjusted to make a better match.  Unfortunately my lumpectomy didn’t work and I have now had a mx.  I really know how you feel but the good news is you had only a small area of affected tissue, that has all been successfully removed and you still have most of your breast.  From what you have said, I imagine your long-term prognosis is extremely good (although you haven’t had SNB done yet - strange it wasn’t done at the same time?) and if you don’t need chemo you will be able to get your life back quite quickly. I say that to reassure you not to denigrate how you feel now.  It takes a long time to adjust to the shock of diagnosis and the surgery. It is in effect a bereavement. You have to let it all out and work through the upset.  Don’t keep it all to yourself - find someone who will listen to you, whether a friend or professional counsellor, BCN, local support group etc.  You are obviously someone who puts others first but focus on what you need to get through this too.  Best wishes.  Xx

Hi Tigony
My daughter did really well with her exams, thanks for asking.I can’t remember when I told her to be honest. She achieved all A*, and A’s. Incredible really because we had alot to deal with last year, not just my cancer. Amongst other things,she was diagnosed with anorexia, so really having to keep on top of what she eats, even now.
Hope all goes well with your cancer journey xx