Question re CT scans

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Do you know if your oncologists look at your CT scans or just read the reports? I’ve just had an experience, for the second time, where I have been told that everything is stable on one scan and then the next scan reports new mets and says how much they have changed/not changed since the last scan so they were obviously visible on the previous scan but not mentioned. This has affected my treatment twice now and I’m not happy. Before I say anything to my onc I’d like to get a feeling for whether they are meant to do anything more than just read the CT reports. I do appreciate that something might be hardly visible on one scan and more visible on the next one, but this does not seem to be the case this time as the ‘new’ lesions are reported as not having changed since the last scan.


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Hi,I just think my onc just reads report,then totally forgets it. That’s a bit worrying what your report has said. Ask him if can point out on scan as images will be on computer. Xxxx

I know my onc looks at the scans with the radiologist, but mine are very hard to read.

That’s a very important question! it’s OUR bodies, OUR scans after all.


My 2p’worth is that the reports are often sufficient.  At my recent clinic appt I asked a question about my scan, I have bad chest pain so I had wondered about fractured sternum.  Nothing on report but my onc said he’d look at the scan itself (no fracture :slight_smile: ) so I hope anyone’s onc would be willing to look again if specifically asked.


Re scans being “hard to read” I had this problem with CT scans, capecitabine was working well on my liver mets but the tumour areas didn’t show up clearly, so I now have PET-CT scans instead.  These are more expensive, I think, but give a lot of information and don’t need breath-holding or a contrast dye :slight_smile:



Hi, I have been shown my scans by my onc and he has explained them…not every time though: sometimes he has just told me the results. Sorry this doesn’t help much.x

Any scan is only as good as the person who is interpreting it. Normally an experienced and skilful radiologist. This is the area of their expertise. The consultant only receive the report. They are not radiologist but have some understanding on the images. I hope that helps.