Question re Mammogram?

Hi there,
I’ve read a lot of stuff but I’m not clear and I’m sure you wonderful girls will know. Can a diagnosis be made just from an examination and a Mammogram? I have mammo on Tuesday and consultant following Monday, I understand that IF… he may elect to test some more but will he be able to tell? Sat in the waiting room I’d rather be anywhere else then I read your posts and feel like such a moaning minnie lol. Happy Sunday all :slight_smile: x

Hi Foxy
I doubt they will give you a clear diagnosis with just a mamo.

I suppose it depends on the centre where youre having your exam. Certainly for me, I had the physical first which showed that I did have a lump(which I’d found). I was then send for a mamo, then straight onto a scan during which some small samples were taken from the lump. I was seen in a ‘one stop shop’ where I got the results in the one day. It was good to not have to wait as some folks have, so hopefully, IF you have to go for the biopsy stage, it will be on the same day.

Best wishes for Tues/Next Mon.
And in the nicest way, hope we dont see you back here, unless with good news:)
Cathie x

Hi Foxy,

Once your mmg has been performed, you will likely be sent for an ultra sound scan next, what is found there, will determine the biopsy route, if one is required.

Like Evertonbabe, I was at a one stop shop, where a palpable lump was found, I had a physical examination, a mmg, an ultrasound, then an FNA and then I had to return for a core biopsy as my results were inconclusive from my FNA, in not enough cells were taken, (not dissimilar to when a smear comes back with not enough cells taken)

You will not have a clear diagnosis just from a mmg, as that is the search engine if you will, to see what’s there. Even if the mmg doesn’t pick anything up, (Like mine) you will likely be sent for an ultra sound. (That’s reassuring, as I prefer US, completely painless and you can see what’s going on)

Hope that helps.