questions about inverted nipples

Hi dolly, just to give you my account of the breast clinic. I too am young and was really scared they wouldn’t take me seriously and wouldn’t do tests. I first had a physical exam where he felt the lump said it was quite large. He circled it with a pen and sent me down for an ultrasound. The ladies there were lovely, she said it when I went back upstairs to him he would probably “pop a wee needle in to confirm what it is”.

When I went back he sait it was “probably” a fibroadenoma, which I had suspected. He then just explained that it was 3.5cm and didn’t need to be removed, but I could if I wanted to. I didn’t mention why he wasn’t doing a needle biopsy as I was worried he had too many patients to see.

I did however ask for it to be removed (as I knew when this is done they biopsy it)… So now I’m waiting on an appointment for a lumpectomy.

If you want something done and you just know there’s something different about your body - push for it. It’s your health at the end of the day and you need the best treatment!

Thanks Jan and Claire,

Claire, I’m glad you got the full works eventually, I hope that the biopsy goes OK, got my fingers crossed for you.

Jan, Thanks for putting my mind at ease, I worry too much!!!

On a pretty grim note, just after my shower I had a poke at the lump and a small amount of greenish discharge came out my nipple. Yuck! I’m wondering if that means I’ve popped something, like a cyst? I’ve tried squeezing it a couple more times but no more is coming out. (Sorry for all the detail!) Should I be relieved?

Cat xx

edit: I think I over reacted a bit, it wasn’t that green (just seen the tissue in the bin, eww!!) more light yellowish, think it looked different against the red of my nipple if that makes sense) Had another squeeze and got a tiny blob of orange gunk, but nothing else. Gonna leave it alone now, don’t want to make myself sore!

I’m back again!

Got my appointment through today, it’s on monday so thank god I wont be waiting long! I wonder if my doc did change the referral to ‘ugent’? I must remember to thank him. Funny thing is he gave me a choice between 2 hospitals, one being 8 miles away, the other being 20. Since I’m not allowed to drive I naturally chose the one 8 miles away and the actual appointment is at a totally different hospital, 21 miles away!!! Oh well, I’d rather travel further and be seen sooner!

On another good note there’s been no more discharge, I wonder if I’ve been poking myself too much!!

Fingers crossed for monday! and hope everyone reading this is OK.

Cat xx

That is really good news Cat

Good luck for Monday Cat. Let us know how it goes.

Jan xx

Thanks for all the support, you lot are amazing!

Getting a bit nervous now! As I mentioned before I’m extremely nervous about taking my top off since having my daughter and I’m going to have to do it loads tomorrow! Oh no!! Also (sorry for the detail here!) came on this morning, my breasts are feeling alot lumpier because of this so the lump I’m supposed to be getting checked out is quite difficult to find, I hope that doesn’t cause any problems. But my nipple is still inverted so I’ve still got a reason to be there.

I’ll let you know how it goes, I’m sure it’s nothing but I can’t help but get nervous all the same!

Cat xx

Cat - hope it goes well tomorrow and will be thinking of you…

Theresa x

Good luck for tomorrow!

Paula x

Well thats that bit done!

Ity all went very quickly, scan looked OK apparently but she could see and feel some lumpiness so she took a couple of photos and a sample of that. I’ll get the results in the post. Got to go back in 6 weeks to check everything is still the same.

So glad that’s over! Just got to wait for the results. I’m pretty confident all is normal though. Sorted!

Cat xx

Hi Cat,

So pleased it was good news for you. You must be very relieved. I hope you found the clinic less nerve racking than you expected too.

Jan xx

Thanks Jan, It was definitely a relief to hear she thought everything was OK,

I’m still a bit confused though, I should have really tried to ask more questions at the clinic, but I just wanted to leave! The doc said my scan was fine, but she kept going over the same spot, she printed a couple of pics of that spot out. Then she said she had found a lumpy area on the scan and took a sample of that, it looked liked blood and orange stuff to me (I assume this was FNA).

So if my scan was fine what did she take a sample of? Why does she want to see me again in 6 weeks if the results are being sent in the post?

The only thing she did say was that sometimes the ducts shorten which can make the nipple invert, which doesn’t make me feel any better about having an inverted nipple. Maybe I should just shut up and be pleased she didn’t think there was anything to worry about!

Thanks again everyone,

Cat xx