questions again from me to u great ladies...

in a small dilemma …had mx sept and node clearance have lots of sensitivity and numbness under armpit and down side under arm but also aches and pains in that area and shoulder had app with onc today to discuss radiotherapy plans mentioned aches he said bloods didnt indicate a bone prob thought it was related to mx but said i could have bone scan if i wanted but even if anything showed treatment would stay same so my dilemma is do i sit out rest of treatment then see? i had a ct scan after mx on nov 1st that was clear.what would u do ? also has anyone else got or had aches after mx? ALSO…have had 3 fec and 1 docetaxol 2nd tomorrow my legs really ache is this normal, think i am turning into the paranoid person i dont want to be help…

Not sure about the shoulder aches, but think they can occur after mx. I’m sure someone will know.
As regards TAX - aching anything, but especially legs is a common side effect.
I think we all become paranoid with BC - that’s normal too.

Good Luck. Stella xx

i had joint pain following chemo… i am still numb down arm from surgery 5 years ago and have a tight feeling through my armpit and down my arm from cording… didnt have an MX had a WLE and SNB.

a few weeks after chemo which was epi-cmf finished i had pains in my ribs, hip and spine and was sent for xrays and bone scan and was all normal but advised it was most like chemo induced menopausal symptoms.

i think if i was in your position where they offered me a scan i would take it… but there is the week long wait for the results but it may reassure you and the worrying is what niggles away at you.


hi stella,try not to worry i had aches and pains in my mascectomy site and shoulder,i still have pains in that area and its nearly two years,why put yourself through more stress finish your chemo and im sure the pains will not be as bad,hope ive helped dawn xxxx

thankyou lulu stella and drabble its reassuring drabble that u had shoulder pain too, i have decided to leave it til after my radiotherapy as treatment wouldnt change either way and see how it goes… thankyou ladies love rachelx