Questions for the oncologist and Anastrozole

I’m not really sure why I’m posting this topic but suppose I just want to share some of my thoughts and anxieties and also seek your advice on a couple of things.
To be quite honest, since getting the diagnosis of BC in mid September, I’ve tried not to read up on the subject. I kept myself busy at work, right up until the night before my operation. Maybe I was sticking my head in the sand, I don’t know. However, the realisation that I had breast cancer never left me. It was the first thought that came into my mind when I woke up at 5 am each morning since the diagnosis up until the operation!
I had a lumpectomy on 16 October and got my results on 31 October. I was told my cancer was 17mm, Grade 1 and oestrogen receptive. I hadn’t prepared any questions and I must admit that once the surgeon told me the cancer hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes, I couldn’t think straight - I just felt so relieved - the best I’ve felt since receiving the diagnosis.
I reaalise from reading some of the posts on the forum, that I’m really not clued up at all and perhaps I should have prepared some questions for the surgeon. - I certainly don’t know whether my cancer is IDC or ILC. However, I’m seeing the oncologist tomorrow. I have a few questions to ask him but I was wondering whether I should ask him for a copy of my pathology report?
One of the things I’m worried about is taking Anastrozole. I am 55 and am not totally sure whether I’m post-memopausal - I still get hot flushes. I dont have periods as I had a cervical ablation several years ago. Do you think it would be stupid to request a blood test? I’ve only been taking this medication for 2 days but I’ve had headaches and a feeling of nausea / dry mouth. Has anybody else had these symptoms and, if so, do they eventually subside?
Thanks for listening

Hi Angela and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support and information you will soon have here from your fellow users I am posting a couple of links to further information from BCC which I hope you will find helpful:

Our helpline is open weekdays 9-5 and 10-2 Saturday so please do call with any further queries and for further support from our team on 0808 800 6000

Take care


There’s good and bad about forums, and the nice thing for me is the practical companionship and suggestions people have been kind enough to give. But the downside is that sometimes we post our worries/problems and not our good days, and good news. There’s a lot of good in your post, and another good thing is you’re seeing the oncologist tomorrow, and if you jot down a list of your questions, you will get answers to all these worries - that’s normal and they really don’t mind you asking. Anything you miss, well you can always ask the breast care nurses or the helpline (which is excellent). They can give you more info about the Arimidex and you may find that these early symptoms wear off pretty soon. Perhaps a little extra water since you have a headache and a feeling a bit thirsty?
This is just a thought (and if I’ve managed to insult a teetotaller please forgive me!!) - and other people may not have this problem - but I really can’t cope with alcohol since being on Arimidex. I am a very light social drinker at best, but wine can make me feel yuck the following day, I’ve more or less given up. I suspect we all have slightly different experiences with it, and eventually work out what works and what doesn’t. But as I said, you haven’t got long to wait for your appt. All the best. K x

Hi Karis
Thanks for your reply and your advice. I was feeling positive when I received my results last week but its strange how your feelings differ from day-to-day. I desperately want to remain positive but there’s this little voice inside of me warning me not to be complacement. When I saw the Oncologist on Monday, he reiterated the prognosis was good. However, I’m now starting to worry about the radiotherapy and particularly so because I’ve read there is a slight risk of damage to the heart when it’s on the left breast. I’m having 15 sessions and 3 booster sessions, starting early December. As you say, I can speak to my breast care nurse or the helpline about any worries.
The good news is the headaches and nausea seems to have settled now - I take the Anastrozole in the evening which seems to work for me. I must admit I haven’t had an acholic drink since surgery but might chance a glass of wine at the weekend. I have noticed that I’not so fond of drinking tea now as I used to be. Not sure how I’ll cope with that as I used to love a cup of tea!
Thanks again for your response.
Best wishes
Angela x