questions on an oompherectomy

questions on an oompherectomy

questions on an oompherectomy Hi
Hope someone out there can help me.I am booked in to have the above op on 8th May (only went on the waiting list the other week!)
Anyway i am BRCA2 pos and DX with DCIS Oct 06. Had Bilateral Mastectomy with imm recon Dec 06. I would just like to know how long you normally have to stay in Hosp when having an Oompherectomy and how long for recovery and any other experiences or helpful tips.Thankyou

Hi Wendy, I am brca2 too, though do not have bc. I had an oophrectomy a couple of months ago as a preventative measure. I was lucky that I had it done via keyhole surgery, so was only in hospital the night before and one night afterwards. I had about 3 weeks off work, and did take things easy for a while. I think it is a longer recovery if you have it done through an abdominal incision obviously.
Good luck!

Thanks for that. I did think it may only be a couple of nights at most. Glad to here that not my favourite place.I was lucky when i went in for the BC ,had my own room on the Plastic Surgery ward. I think my op will be keyhole.Did they take your tubes as well?

Yes, my tubes were taken too, still a risk associated with them too. I started feeling the menopausal symptoms about 3 weeks after the op, hot flushes being the most notable, and my sleep pattern went a bit haywire too.

oporectoy wendy

I had my oophorectomy yesterday lunchtime and came home last night, 7 hours later. no problems except a lot of ‘wind’ pain which is controllable with pain killers. bit sore around lower tummy and tired from anaesthetic but otherwise ok. I was really worried about it but am very glad now its over and all risks are gone. Laparoscopy is a very good method.

I am sure you will be happy when its done! Good Luck.

Had the OP - Removal of ovaries and tubes- What about Hrt I have not been on the site for a while.Been very short staffed at work!
Anyway i had the op on Tuesday,came home on Thursday.Don’t feel too bad , been a breeze compared to the Diep i had in December.No signs of Menopausal symptoms yet.
This may be a stupid question but will i still have periods?Do appear to be having one at the moment but then it was due ( had very light bleeding after op but has now developed into a full period)
Also is anyone else on Hrt? I was told by oncology that i would not have Tamoxifen as was due to have ovaries removed and they didn’t recommend hrt, but gynae say perhaps i should! Confusing to say the least.
Would love to hear from anyone with similiar experiences.

Hi Wendy, I had an oopherectomy in January this year. I had had a hysterectomy about a year before, so don’t know about the period bit, but I am now taking HRT. I saw a gynae who specialised in menopause, and she said that there was little risk for me, but I guess it depends on all your circumstances, it seems that some say one thing and others go a different route.