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Need to know what to ask at appointment

Full history posted elsewhere but basically started off with eczema on nipple/areola, have had burning pain in nipple, general odd feeling and now have a long thin area of indentation on areola (where eczema usually is) which is getting wider all - in 1 breast!

Having had to wait over 3 weeks for mammo results (5 weeks since went to Breast Unit) I made a complaint and have been told mammo clear, letter in post, but as I said to the BCN who phoned that the indentation is getting bigger I’ve been booked an appointment for Tuesday.

When I 1st went in 2007 with eczema Paget’s was mentioned and I’ve since learnt (thru this site) that clear mammos and USs don’t always spot it so altho I don’t necessarily think that’s what I’ve got (I’m assuming eczema + sympoms would be much worse after 3 years altho all above mentioned symptoms recur or are present a lot of the time) I would like it ruled out.

So what questions/tests would anyone think appropriate to ask so after Tuesday I can hopefully put the last 3 years of doubt behind me and move on?

Any response appreciated


Sorry, I can’t answer your question but bumped this up for you in the hope someone who can will be along soon.
I hope you get reassurance soon.
All the best.

Hi Sandra, I too had an itchy nipple, and indention but also a lump…
My first mammogram also came back clear, it was the ultrasound that detected mine.

I would also ask if it’s possible to have a biopsy taken of the area, although uncomfortable, not painful, this would verify anything nasty going on…

Good luck, I hope you get the answers your looking for.

Love Teresa x


Thanks for responses, I’ve just received my letter and it says “Nothing found on clinical examination” - does anyone know if that means she didn’t see the indention that I see or is it referring to no lump found - a bit strange will obviously ask on Tuesday (question 1) and question 2 will be can you see it and question 3 should it/can it be biopsied?


I don’t know but bumping this up. You could otherwise ring the helpline. I know I’m always advising it but they were really helpful to me!