Questions to ask my mp candidates in by election

Has anyone any good ideas on questions to put to my local mp candidates as I live in Oldham east which has an vote later this month for our new mp after phil woolas, who won by 103 voted, was thrown out because of his campaign slurs on the lib dem candidate elwyn watkins. I mean breast cancer related ones obviously! I have my own ideas but want the opportunity to cast my net wider on the ideas front!



Q: Given that we all have to tighten our belts, would it be possible to tighten then in a way that means the winner, which ever colour will guarentee to campaign for more awareness raising of treatable cancers such as breast, prostate and bowel, in younger people which if caught early have a good prognosis, therby saving the NHS huge amounts of money in terms of late diagnosis and treatment which in turn can be used in research and awareness raising.

Good luck with questions Tors,

As a secondaries woman on both Incapacity and DLA I’d like some reassurance that I
a) won’t lose benefit,
b) won’t have to have medicals and jump through hoops to keep my benefits,
c) won’t be pressured to look for work


Julie x

…and more awareness of secondary BC. I actually wrote to my MP (following a thread on here to ask him to sign something in support of secondary awareness) and was disgusted to have a letter returned to me saying he wouldn’t sign it as the Government were already increasing early detection of cancer (and lots of waffle) all associated with primary cancer. He quite obviously didn’t know what secondary cancer was ( as don’t in my experience, most of the general population! )

We have to raise awareness to reduce this ignorance.

That’s disgusting that your local MP sent you a letter advising he wouldn’t sign it. I totally agree with you there’s not enough awareness for secondary cancer’s. It’s my mum that’s going through it but I would support anything for more awareness for secondaries and the local MPs should be in favour of this.

JulieD, hope you don’t mind me asking but I’m looking into DLA for my mum at the moment but seen there is lots of things that you have to have or fall into a certain criteria for them to except it. Do you think it’s worth it? Gets slightly confusing on what benefits you can receive because obviously every individual is different.

Thanks ladies

Jen x x x

Hi Jen,

Have pm’d you but yes do apply, don’t be put off.