Quick question for the person on Rivaroxaban

So sorry - chemo brain has struck and I can’t remember who mentioned they were on the blood thinner tablets Rivaroxaban (sp?), let alone which thread it was on! I was wondering if you could tell me which chemo you are on while taking the tablets. I am on Capecitabine and my Onc says it’s not been tested with Cap yet and won’t let me go on the tablets instead of the Fragmin injections (and my GP keeps telling me how expensive they are!). If you are on Cap too, I could tell him that it’s working ok for you. Sorry to be so long winded. I hope you don’t mind me asking. Hugs. Barton.x

Hi Barton, I am that person :wink:
I moved from injections of Heparin to rivaroxaban whilst having Capecitabine so there shouldn’t be any problems at all. Since then I’ve also had IV chemo, which I finished in December. I am under one of the top cardio oncologists in the UK based at The Brompton Hospital in London (which is the top cardiology hospital in the UK) and I am completely confident about his care. I don’t think my own oncologist at my local hospital would have had a clue about which heart meds can work with which chemo’s and this was my problem back in 2013, neither specialist knew about the other’s areas of medicine. I got a referral to The Brompton by my excellent oncologist at the time, unfortunately he has since left to go into research so I miss his judgement as much as anything as well. There are very few cardio oncologists in this country but the research unit that is set up, and my consultant is the ‘lead’ on it, has been set up because of the cardiology problems that are now being exposed due to long term survival of cancer patients. Previously the success rate and survival rate of cancer patients was so low that these other issues weren’t a problem in their own right but more and more (cancer) patients are needing help with some area of cardiology. All of that is for a bit of background for you, and anyone else who may need it!
Hope you get the answers you want but do PM me if you want I can give the consultant’s name etc which I can’t do on the open forum.
Take care
Nicky x

thank you all for  your advice…i will certainly try the tips. I also have the springloaded needles and even tho i hear the click sometimes when i withdraw the needle the casing isnt there and there is still a bit of liquid so i too worry i’m not getting the correct dose…early days so perhaps i’ll get better with practise!!!x