Quick question


Is there a maximum word count on this forum? Only I’ve twice tried to post an update for my day after chemo and twice it’s failed to post. Maybe the moderator thought it was a bit too rambling even by my standards… ?

Hi Cherrybakewell

There is not a limited word count for posts and I am sorry that you have ‘lost’ them.  There is an automatic save when you are typing a post.  If you go back into the area you were posting and open a reply box at the top of the page there should be a message reminding you that you have started a post and asking if you would like to either load or discard the post.  If you are still have issues please do email us at moderator@breastcancercare.org.uk with the details of where and when you tried to post and I will investigate for you.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Are you having a chemo daze??? Your posts are helpful to members so I’m sure won’t be deleted.xx