QVC and Breast Cancer Care 03/10/07

I am posting to highlight a fundraising event that is on QVC tonight, 8pm- 11pm. All money raised goes to Breast Cancer Care. Items are sold at cheap prices, there is an auction and a fashion show that has models who have/ had BC. I have supported this event for many years but it is even more relevant to me this year.

Please support it if you can.

Kat x

QVC raised £375,000 for Breast Cancer Care tonight!

Well done QVC

Does no-one else think that this is good? Or am I on my own on this one- won’t be the first time- lol!

I think it is brilliant Kate. Well done indeed QVC.


So do I Margaret.

If it were not for fundraising events such as this, there would be no BCC website or discussion forums for us to access

Well done sorry if was late in posting every penny coounts as it is all needed desperately for things to go fowd…

Hi Kat,
I was so pleased to read your post - I dont know how I missed it before as I had been waiting for someone to bring it up. I know I could have done so but I tend to be a bit reticent about posting. Anyway I watched QVC that night - I hadn’t realised that so much is raised by the public. It was really heartwarming and it brought home to me how very much I relied on this website last year during my diagnosis and treatment and still find it very helpful. I find the lack of response to your posting surprising - perhaps other have missed it like me.
I hope that we are not taking BCC for granted.

Hi Kat,

Sorry I have not posted earlier (I have been away having radiotherapy all week!!)

Yes I think £375,000 is fantastic! Until I had bc I was totally unaware of how important fundraising is for sites such as this or Macmillan etc.

Bc has certainly opened my eyes in more ways than one!! Although I donate to various charities occasionally, as soon as I return to work I am setting up a direct debit to pay a percentage of my wage to BCC. As Tesco says…every little helps!!

Janette xx

Thank you for your replies. I must admit, I am a semi QVC addict and have supported this event every year. Spookily, this is the first year that I have actually got through on the phone lines and bought something!

I have found this website to be the most informative and supportive. It has certainly helped me through the last few months. I may not always post but I log on several times a day. I am running the London Marathon next year and will be raising money for BCC. My ‘bestest’ friend in the world (very childish I know but she means a lot to me) is holding a Valentines Ball in Derby and all proceeds will go to BCC as a part of my marathon fundraising.

Without this website, I may not have stayed as informed and positive. It is a highly valued resource.

Kat x

Hi all

Our fundraising teams have noticed this thread and thought you would like to know a bit more about what they do. They asked me to pass on this message to all of you:

'QVC have been working with Breast Cancer Care for nine years, and during that time have raised over £2.5 million through a variety of fundraising efforts. Those of you who attended the Ribbon Walks this year may remember seeing a variety of QVC presenters taking on the 10-mile challenge, and later this year QVC will be hosting their very own Christmas Carol Service in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

Representatives from Breast Cancer Care were at the QVC studios on the night of the Fashion Show programme, and everyone both in front and behind the camera really were genuinely thrilled to be taking part. Many of the presenters and those manning the donation and auction lines have been affected by breast cancer themselves, and I know they will be heartened to know that the programme was enjoyed by so many.’

Best wishes



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