R.I.P. Babs

Today beast cancer claimed the life of my lovely aunt. Even though she was in her 70’s she still managed to make her way through the full works treatment-wise but sadly within a few months she had mets all over the place and this morning she died peacefully in her sleep.

She was a lovely person who always had a smile for everyone and will be greatly missed by all of us.


So sorry nymeria. Thinking of you + ur family at this very sad time x

Thank you! x

Hi Nymeria,

What a spirited lady your aunt sounds - its doesn’t matter how old you are its still an awful shock.

Thinking of you and your family at this very sad time. I know its difficult for the ones left behind but a lovely peaceful way to slip from one world to another. Who knows?

Love to you & take care of yourself.


Chris xxx

Nymeria, I am sorry to hear of your loss, but glad to hear that it was peaceful, for your Aunt Babs and for all the family

So sorry to hear your sad news, Nymeria. Losing one of your loved ones is very hard indeed. My sincere condolences to you all. xx

Nymeria, Im so sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences

Thank you so much everyone. My family and I really appreciate all your lovely comments and support.

Nymeria x

So sorry to hear this sad news nymeria. My thoughts with you and your family x

My first thoughts when seeing the title and forum were “F***, not another one.” And after reading your post, that’s still how I feel, even if she wasn’t a baby.

It’s never easy, and it’s never going to be good for those left behind. Big hugs to you, nymeria.


So sad what ever age u are my thoughts are with u all xx

So sorry Nymeria, my thoughts are with you and the family.

Love Marina x

Sending my love and thoughts to you and your family Nymeria xx

Sorry to hear your news.
Love and sympathy to you and your family -Diana x