R1 and R2 cream

Has anyone had any experience of this R1 and R2 emolient cream, i have been given samples by a private manual lymphatic drainage lady who says its brilliant to prevent sore skin, asked oncologist who was rather dismissive and said just use E45 ( vastly cheaper of course but R1 R2 available on prescription, contains no parabens?)

Hi Borbie
I was given a copy of an advert for R1 and R2 cream by a friend and asked at my preparation scan if they thought it was a good idea. Pretty much got the same reaction as you! I completed radiotherapy at the beginning of July (15 doses plus 8 boosts) and used only E45 cream. I was fine. My skin did not break at all. It got a bit red and sore towards the very end and I was given Medihoney cream. Fantastic, like a wee miracle in a tube! Of course as always, everyone is different but not sure that any other cream could have given me a better result.
Good luck, hope all goes well.
Lynny x

I did ask GP for it who gave me prescription, now 18 rads down, tanned but no soreness, long may it last!