RACE FOR LIFE hi guy’s,
do any of you know why there isn;t a RACE FOR LIFE for men???

am i being thick? i know the race for life that women take part in isn’t just for women’s cancers…just have never been able to understand why men can’t take part???

sorry if i sound a bit dense

ps., hope your all doing ok

Race for Life and men Hi Karen - when the race for life started it was a way of women helping other women with cancers - men are allowed to support the females only by handing them drinks and cheering them on but not run.

There is a seperate run this year but it is in the name of Bobby Moore who died of cancer some years ago.

Look around you, read newspapers, magazines even the telly - read and hear the words - “just £2 per month - to help more WOMEN survive breast cancer” it happens every year around October. Men are still never mentioned. Maybe this year, maybe this year…

As I keep saying we have come along way over the last few years - we may even get to use the words People with Breast Cancer in the not too distant future.

David W

hi David,
it must be so frustrating for you guys, it should be People With Breast Cancer…you are absoluately right.

after reading so much over the past 2 years since diagnosis when ever i write/speak about breast cancer i always say ‘people’ not women.

when we did a sponsored walk we released 41 balloons, i told the local mayor [who was starting the walk] that was one for every thousand ‘people’ diagnosed each year.

i’ve organised [well my husband and his car club have actually] a car show and BBQ in aug., with proceeds being donated to local support group and breast care unit…maybe it would be appropriate for me to ask breast unit secretary to put something together, literature wise, that could be distributed at show emphasising the fact that this disease effects both males and females alike and is not a ‘women only cancer’

i can actually recall last oct., a member of our local rugby club ws in the local paper saying that he was raising money for another breast cancer charity, and is actually one of their patrons…then added this disese only effects women…i felt that completely ignorant of the facts…especially as he’s patron of this charity.

sorry kind of diverted from topic, but got on a bit of a roll!!!

still think this Race for Life shouldn’t be confined to women…or that cancer research to maybe start one for men too.

hope your keeping well David, i see you’ve made the decision to come off the tamoxifen, do you feel better for it?

take care