Rad boob does it ever go back to normal ?

Hi all im hoping for some reasurance really :S im only 4 days post rads but read a few posts from ladies that have been left with a mark some 3 years on. Im dark olive skinned & mine has gone very dark brown with a strong outline, I do find when I get scratches, cuts or blisters on my skin that I heal quick but usually leaves a darker mark for quite a while
So was wondering how long it may take to go away ? if it ever does, im quite shocked at how im feeling about it I think its because its gone so dark looks like ive sunbathed in Africa non stop, & as it comes quite high im getting a bit of a complex as people are noticing it & i dont wear very low cut tops. Im grateful the treatment has been done & hopefully stop it coming back there so feel a bit guilty for feeling like I do when I think how lucky I am compaired to so many others, just feeling very down again today
Im also lucky ive no bad soreness hardening, swelling ive been lucky on that score.
Im not using the aqueous cream now just the 99.9% aloe & an organice Vit E cream which is making the skin feel alot better where the aqueous wasn’t what I call moisturising it.

Any advice welcom
Mekala x

Me again Mekalar! Just to re-assure you that after rads I had a square of very tanned skin where I had the booster dose. My cancer was fairly high on my chest so the tumour bed area was high as well. I’m now 9 weeks post rads and although if I look in the mirror I can still see a faint square, the rest of my chest is starting to blend in. I’m still moisturising and being careful in the sun. I also used something from Victoria Health which was recommended to me, I’ll check the name and let you know. X

Oh thank you Lou that would be great :slight_smile:


Hi Mekalar, the lotion was called Botanical therapeutics for use after rads not during. I had it recommended to me by a lady who’d used it after her rads. It worked for me xx

Ill give that a try thank you lou :slight_smile: xxx

It’s supposed to be good for an itchy scalp as well so if all else fails I thought I could rub it on my head lol! Xx