radial scar and sclerosing adenosis

Hi, please forgive my mistakes, english is not my native language.
6 months ago I was diagnosed with a bening breast condition called radial scar and sclerosing adenosis. Is there anybody out there that has been diagnosed with the same condition or somenthing similar??
I had a core biopsy but now it has been 6 months and they say to go back for a mamogram, just make sure it hasn’t change.
I can’t stop thinking and worrying about this.
I hope i hear from any of you. thank you.

Sorry didn’t want to by pass this thread and not reply. Afraid i’m unable to help,ut will bump thread up. Hopefully someone will reply.

Take care

I had sclerosing adenosis. It means hardening of the lobes of the breast. I didn’t have a radial scar. Both these conditions can be confused with breast cancer so make it quite difficult to diagnose cancer. They are also associated with a small additional risk of getting breast cancer so should be monitored.