radiation damage to stomach?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone got any experience of this? I’m on day 7 of rads and have noticed some indigestion off and on.

When I questioned the doc today she admitted there could be some radiation scatter affecting the stomach. I asked if the damage was likely to be permanent. She thought not but when pushed she couldn’t be 100% sure. Fair enough but when I signed up for the rads - lung and rib damage was mentioned but not stomach damage. So I’m a tad cross. I’m also wondering if it is worth asking about the radiation coverage to be reduced or the beam angle changed. Whooops if I asked this I guess I’d be really unpopular. But I only have one stomach…

Would love to hear from anyone out there.


Hey firstly I’m no expert, I’m into my 3rd rads week. This is your treatment and if you are not happy you should be guided by how you feel. As you say, you only have one stomach and there is only one YOU! Ask the question about changing coverage and take it from there.

Good luck.

I’m also no expert, but I’ve never heard of damage to the stomach from rads. Have you had chemotherapy, as I have heard of long term damage to the stomach lining and immune system as an after effect of that.

i had 5 weeks of rads 3 years ago and had no effects to stomach from rads but did develop stomach problems from taking ibuprofen and now cant take them at all.

is here any other meds you have been taking which could possibly cause problems that have coincided with your rads eg aspirin, etc

if not i would def speak to your dr or nurse for advice.


Hello all, just finished my rads 10 days ago,while I was on them,I
felt worse than on chemo,a great deal of back pain for which the doc gave me Diclofenic,spent that night puking up. Doc also put me down for a bone scan which I had a couple of days ago. In the week between
I developed a horrible burn on my chest,looked like a red hot iron had been pressed on it plus a really itchy rash on my back. The lady
who carried out the bone scan told me to walk down to R.T.dept.to
let them see this which I did,they agreed it was bad but said try and put up with it unless it starts weeping. The explanation for my
back rash was where the radiation had “exited”,pretty powerful stuff
eh? On the plus side,my digestive organs are feeling more like it and enjoying my food more or maybe that`s me getting more used to
“Femara” love to all Mags x

Hi Edinburghperson,

Like some of the others here have said - I have never heard of this happening either. I think that as it is only your 7th day I would press to see the consultant to discuss how this area of your body can be protected from further damage. My rads experience was some years ago now and I had 35 sessions and suffered no skin damage even but I noted that they shielded certain areas like the digestive tract and heart with lead pieces.


Hi all

Edinburghperson, I’m not sure as have not heard of this as a SE before?

I’m starting rads on Tuesday (21st) at the Western in Edinburgh - is that where you’re having your treatment too? I’m a couple of hours drive away, so am having to stay up there for the 4/5 weeks : (

Good luck to you all!

Shenagh xx

Hi Shenagh,
Yes, I’m trotting off to the Western General everyday at the mo’. I live in South Edinburgh so it isn’t causing me the same havoc as you. Thankfully I’m in my last week now. My appointments are 11.40am all this week. When are yours? Maybe we could meet up.

All the best.