Radio frequency ablation for liver mets

Just wondered if anyone had undergone this proceedure and if so, what was it like.
I’ve just had MRI of liver to see if I’m suitable for this, gets results tomorrow.

Hi Jane - friend (who doesn’t post here) had RFA a couple of times, which I think stopped progression in her liver. Hope someone here who has more experience posts soon! Good luck with whatever treatments you go with. xx

hi jane,

Below is a thread regarding RFA. Lots of detailed info. There is another link within that thread which is very good, too.

I asked about this procedure before and discussed it in detail with my onc, but didn’t need it in the end because after 6 cycles of FEC, my liver mets have completely disappeared.

Hope those info can be of some help.

Hope it all goes well for you if you are qualified for it.

Take care xx

Thank girls for your input.
Still not sure if having RFA. CT showed 2 tumours, which Onc thought suitable, but MRI showed multiple tumours - too many to zap according to radiologist.
However Onc not satisfied and going to ask radiologist to reassess.

Is it done by laser or via a needle put into the tumour?

Jane xxxx