Radioactive beads for liver mets

Hi ladies, has anyone had radioactive beads for liver mets? I have 8 small liver tumours, all less than 2cms and am considering RFA. My hospital doesn’t do RFA, they do this bead thing instead. However, it’s mainly been used on people with bowel cancer that has spread to the liver so they don’t have much data on SBC success. Has anyone had this procedure? Many thanks, Cx

Not had this treatment myself but I do have multiple liver mets.  Just to clarify, do you mean SIRT (selective internal radiotherapy)?  Some info from Macmillan, here

and from CRUK, here

but as you say, not much about liver mets from breast cancer.

Could you be referred to a hospital that could give you RFA?



Hi again - and apologies, I should have put “get a second opinion” instead of “ask your hospital to refer”.  (Aarrgghh, chemo brain!)

I did know someone who had SIRT, privately.  If my mets were suitable for localised treatment (which is unlikely) I would be keen to go the RFA route if possible.

I wish you all possible success with an appropriate treatment in 2014.  :slight_smile:

Hi there
Im just waiting for consultation to have RFA as this has been on cards since diagnosis i have liver mets but been responding to herceptin.

I have been referred to the liver specialist at kings college hospital.

Good luck
Il let you know my progress

Hi celia

It was my oncologist who told me about it i didnt even know it existed.
She has regular meeting with the liver specialist etc.
But yes when i have the name i will seed it to you.
All the best connie xxx

I can’t have RFA as my tumors aren’t stable anymore :frowning: I has a consultation re SIRT, which can be given when tumors are growing. It’s not available on the NHS and looking at around 26-30k privately. Unlike RFA it’s unlikely to completely destroy the tumors, data is limited but the consultant said something like 50% will have at least 50% shrinkage and 12-16 extra months life - vast majority of patients have had lots of chemo and it’s a last chance treatment (most patients have bowel cancer spread to the liver). They give chemo along side SIRT too. Not sure what I’m going to do. Speaking to my oncologist in a week and would like to check out other radiotherapy technique available x

Hi fury
Sorry to hear you cant have rfa
My thoughts are with you but as you know life is precious so even having 12months more is great
But how pricey its so unfair how much treatments can cost how can you put a price on life
Keep going girl their new drugs everyday
Have you thought about being referred to royal marsden as they may have something else or a clinical trial anyone can be referred xxxxx