Radiographer has worried me during routine mammogram

Hi, I havent posted here before but have had 3 yearly routine mammograms and always had a letter saying all ok and I have never asked to see the full report. Past history was a giant juevenile fibroadenoma removed at 17 measuring 4". this left me no breast shape and 10 years later had an implant fitted to “even me up”.

during the mammogram on Thursday this week I happened to look at the radiographer who suddenly had a very surprised look on her face. following the mammogram as I was getting my top back on she said “They may call you back as a recall” and then hurriedly added “…but that doesnt mean anything would be wrong, if they did call you”.

I never had a radiographer comment about anything before and this has got me extremely worried that maybe she saw “something”. I thought they had to be completely neutral and not say anything. With Christmas this week, I could be waiting a while for any sort of letter.

Just very worried. Thank you so much for reading this. I feel a complete fraud having not actually been recalled.



Hello and welcome to the forum.


I think that was a particularly inappropriate thing for the person to say as they are probably not the expert, more the person who does the mammos.  The mammos will be viewed by someone who is specialised in this, and it is possible that the image taken was not clear enough so, if you are recalled, it could be to have another one done.


I know it is easy to say but try not to worry about it and let it spoil yoru Christmas.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx


I agree with Helena, a very inappropriate thing to say! It is not the Mammographers place to tell you anything and although I know they must see things they feel may not be normal they are not specialists in breast cancer. Your mammogram will be compared to your previous one by the correct people and they will be the ones to decide if there needs to be a recall.


When I had my third mammogram post diagnosis this year she had to re do one image as she said she had got my fingers in it from where I was holding my other boob out of the way, as it was my treated boob I though uh oh what is going on here but she was quick to say this often happens and I wouldn’t want you to be recalled due to me not getting a clear picture. It did trouble me a bit but i got the all clear so she was telling me the truth!


Dont let it spoil Christmas for you, if a recall is coming then there is nothing you can do about it so no point in getting stressed before the event. Jo X