radiotheraby and seroma

Dear All

recently i did a conservative breast surgery( lumbectomy) but unfortunatly i developes a recurrent seroma which are drained 3 times and it continue to recollect.

my questions are ?

1- when will seroma stops ?

2-does the presence of such seroma affect radiotheraby start ?

3-what are the complication of begining radiotheraby on existing seroma?

Best regards


Hi Nazli, I had the same op and had a seeing near my SNB wound, which slowly went down and the developed another near my boob wound. The one in my boob was there throughout rads and though they monitored it they weren’t concerned. Bit different because mine weren’t drained I guess. I still have one, rads finished a week ago, and I really notice it when I roll over in bed as it’s painful and heavy. It’s probs not that big but I’m only an A cup so very noticeable to me.

Bloody spell check haha. Read seeming as seroma please.