radiotheraphy and burns on breast

hi just wanted to ask if anyone else is suffering from burns to there breast ? i have 4 more sessions left ( boosters) and im so burnt and so sore . ive tried the cream they have given me from the hospital and its not helping . my whole nipple area is full of scabs and crinkled up … it looks soo bad and it so painful… has this happened to anyone else … if so what cream helped with it …  23 sessions i was given and have 4 left x

I absolutely slapped on E45. And I hate to admit it - but I only showered, or washed the area once a week. Stinky and a bit messy with the cream, but I didn’t want to expose my skin too much. It worked really well! I’d advise you to see your breast nurse though. Good luck & best wishes x x x

Hi I had been putting on e45cream on but never thought of under breast it sired and sore still putting on cream and taking pain tabs seems easyer today just hope it clears up soon so fed up of it all

Just to say that I had my last radiotherapy treatment (of 15) finished on the 18th July.
Since then I have been in and out of hospital with a Radiation burn and infection.
It is really bad, but at last now it is being investigated properly with a CT and MRI scan.

It looks like the burn is a much more than what they expected, and the burn is further than the patch f the boob area.

Mine just started with a little redness, and the burn didnt come out till 4 weeks after.

Hi Caroline and welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure you find the support you are looking for

Whilst you await replies here’s a link to the BCC information about side effects from radiotherapy which may help:

Our helpliners are on hand with further practical and emotional support so please feel free to call to talk any concerns over on 0808 800 6000, lines are open during the week 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2

Take care
Lucy BCC

Caroline, I am struggling with energy too in the afternoons. I am now 2.5 weeks out of rads and I think it is improving… I have some days when I can also function in the afternoon! I was warned that this can take quite a few months to improve.

With regards to redness, I have had a really itchy prickly heat rash front and back. It was raised and had a few tiny blisters which pop and crust over. They are taking a while to heal so I am working really hard to keep them clean and moisturised so that they don’t get worse but have not noticed any change for a few days. The colour is pink and is a perfect square around the breast. My radiotherapy consultant also warned that I will get a good peel like a sunburn but she said can lose quite at few layers…

Hope your recovery is speedy x

I finished my rads 10 days ago, today I have noticed some broken skin underneath my boob in the crease, my luck its Friday but after ringing hospital, they advised me to see the doctor and ask for Mepilex Lite, I got the prescription and now every chemist I have been to does not have it, I have the prescription at Asda who are trying to get me it for tomorrow I am awaiting a phone call as I type.  I know I have not got to put any cream on any skin breakages, any tips for over night?

I got burnt during rads but I slathered aqueous cream all over several times every day, and wore old cotton tee shirts. The burns weren’t too bad, the skin went red then brown sort of spotty, peeled a bit the healed up quickly. The key seemed to be using the cream every couple of hours, and I used it instead of soap. It’s about £5 for a big tub that lasts for ages and I still use it now as a body lotion.

Hope this helps


Hi fried angels!
I burned, particularly around the nipple which went a chargrilled looking brown. I used a cream post end of radio (it has metal in it so can’t be used during radio itself) called Flamazine which I think is usually used for preventing infection in 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The cream was provided by the nurse at the radiotherapy centre. The cream was very good at helping the burned brown layer of skin stay on just long enough for healed new skin to have formed below before the outer layers flaked off. I knowvit sounds a bit crazy but i also wore pieces of soft cotton t-shirt material on the skin side of a very soft bra (bravado seemless silk maternity bra) which reduced friction and i think helped save me from any under boob skin breakage.
Hope that helps one of you fried angels. …

Have you finished having radio sessions or are you still having them? You mean the crease below? Is it pink and sore or small raised dots or brown speckles?
I had burns near nipple, pink and itchy elsewhere…
.the above info may help others be able to help re their experiences
X Seabreeze

Hi Pamlicious,
If the wound has got bigger since you spoke to the radio nurse it may be worth another conversation? I escaped skin breakage, plus my burn was different and different location…hopefully someone else can help from their experience.
hi SML,
Radio isn’t so bad, I think many women just go a bit pink. Does help if you wear a v soft bra, cotton if pos, and consider using a separate layer of soft cotton within the bra to reduce any friction and aid air/cooling of skin (I chopped up some old cotton t-shirts) Also not everyone seems to be affected by fatigue so please don’t be put off. Here if you do need to chat once you get going.
Seabreeze x

Hi Pam
Not been on here for a while, I seem to b suffering in exactly the same place as u. Just under my boob in th crease. My skin has turned a dark brown and small brown spots have appeared too. Now the skin is blistering and peeling leaving it very raw and sore. I cannot wear my bra and now not even a soft genie bra. I have applied my pure aloe vera gel religiously since day 1 but couldn’t escape this.
Feeling really sore.

Lynne65 the same is happening to me. I found wearing a shirt then putting a soft Asda bra on top helps a little

I did the same as Melykins and it helped avoid under boob soreness - though I did burn around the nipple. Are you still having radio or are you just post radio… (sorry if you’ve said below, I’m a few weeks beyond and occasionally nip back to see if I can help). If so Flamazine may help on the burn area - worth asking your care nurse. Bravado seemless silk maternity bra has a very wide and soft underband which with T shirt fabric below reduces friction. Hope that helps and that it improves soon.
Seabreeze ( now healed and burn free - just a tad swollen in area of boosts)

Hi both
Thanks for ur messages, I finished my rads last Tues but I’d been lucky to get away without suffering until Monday this week. Iv got work this afternoon for 4 hours which I can’t get out of so I’ll try the t-shirt option under my genie bra, hope it helps. Thanks for ur support guys

Well I ended up going without a bra yesterday, couldn’t stand anything against my skin as ur was too painful. My friend brought me some E45 cream earlier so plastered it over my sore bits. It stung at first but I’m hoping it’s gonna ease the soreness

Hi Angel77
Yes I am suffering under my bust area was brown and this is peeling off showing pink skin underneath and sore. My nipples are also crinkled up and sore. They are peeling 2 weeks after my treatment and l am tired midday. I also got red skin near my scars I am going to see my GP next Monday for cream and make sure things are looking ok.

Hi Pam
Glad to hear ur getting there, I get tired about 4 ish every day strange isn’t it. Like u I have 7 grandchildren and without them I’d b lost. They’ve cheered me up no end over th past few months. Im lookin forward to spending time with them over xnas.
I went to th hospital Monday and I’m going again tomorrow to see my key worker. My skin has peeled and I’m really sore, I haven’t been able to wear a bra all week as it rubs too much. The hospital has given me dressings and a tube of some clear gel, they also gave me a cooling gel pad which is lovely. I need to go bak tomorrow to get more dressings.
Take care

Hi Rosie14,
Sorry to hear about the burns…my radio nurse said usually about 2 weeks, my key area of burns was slightly different since it was where I had boosts of radio (around nipple). With the boosts and somewhat sensitive skin it lasted about 4 weeks.
If it’s bad and looking like it might peel or flake then it may be worth asking your radio nurse if Flamazine (a special burns cream) would help. It really helped me since it enabled new healed skin to form below before outer skin v gradually flaked off.
I hope it improves soon.

Hi ladies
Went to c my BCN today she gave me flamazine and fresh dressings. Nearly all my skin has peeled off now underneath my boob but th new skin looks raw but it’s so sensitive so I’m just wearing a stretchy seamless vest under my clothes.
I was told that it could b a few weeks before the rawness subsides :frowning:
I just keep saying to myself “it could b worse” as many of u out there have had a rough few months.
My luv to u all