I do not like the threads I am reading on radiotheraphy . Sounds to me as if most of the radiographers treat you like a lump of meat and do not care about your modesty or dignity, I am feeling very apprehensive about it all and I have to have five weeks. Is there no one out there who has been treated with courtesy and dignity, can you refuse to have a male radiographer??? Cannot beleive insensitive music is played as well. Whilst undergoing radio are you not allowed the dignity of covering up your one good boob(as in my case). I know the staff see it all every day but surely some have a litle humanity left in them. I will be treated at Cov Uni hospital, anyone out there who has had good treatment there (radiotheraphy wise.) I have found my chemo nurses absolutetly a1, so it is very daunting to think I wo’nt be treated the same in radio dept. Corsa

Hi Corsa

I was treated really well at Charing Cross Hospital by the radiographers. They chatted to me and sympathised with me. They do have to rush you in and out a bit as they are really busy though. I was given a gown to take to and from the hospital and I changed when I got there and out of the gown as I was leaving, and they made sure I was covered on my good side with the gown. If I hadn’t secured it properly they really sensitively adjusted it for me.

I didn’t have any insensitive music played, they played soft rock, things like that to try and relax you.

I hope your experience works out to be as nice a one as it can be having rads!

Cecelia. x

Hi Corsa

I was treated at the Western General in Edinburgh. I had 4 weeks of treatment and can honestly say that there was not one bad incident within the 4 weeks at all. The music was all cheery hits of the sixties, the staff were extremely nice (male and female) - males tended to stick to male patients, don’t know if this was deliberate. Without fail the staff always rememebered conversations from previous days and asked what I’d being doing or how the family was coping without me (I had to live away from home for my treatment). They were always very careful to tell me when they were going to move me - the biggest problem here is that they HAVE to move you - just slightly sometimes, but if you were to move yourself you would be completely off the ‘planning’ marks, so it is important that they position you - which can sometime involve them having to ‘shove you over’ a bit - but in my case they did it with the greatest of diplomacy.

I hoope everything goes well for you

take care
margaret x

Hi Corsa
Did you read the thread ‘Been there done it , What did you find?’ thats on the undergoing radiotherapy. I think most of the comments an there are really positive. Have a read and see what you think? I’ll bring it up to the top for you.

I was at Barts - brilliant - no complaints at all.

I think the thread on music although fun to read, probably reflects peoples feelings a little more than the actual way they were treated, I can’t even remember the music played but I do remember the care and kindness and courtesy shown to me.

Hope you find it as ‘good’ as I did.

Magsi x

Hi Corsa

I had a good experience too as I think most of us do. As for the music, that’s been a bit of a joke going on and I wouldn’t pay too much attention to those threads as it is just tongue in cheek. I am not sure if you could refuse a male radiographer, just as could you refuse a male doctor - maybe you can, but they are extremely professional in all ways and will never make you feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable about uncovering ask for a gown or ask if you can wear something of your own. I am sure they will accommodate you. There are a couple of other ladies going to Coventry who have positive views. i will try to find their threads for you. don’t worry

I was treated at Barts and hated every minute so obviously it depends on the person. I said I didn’t want anyone looking through a camera at me, as I said it to a male radiographer I didn’t get treated by a man. Personally the sex of the person was irrelevant but they certainly didn’t put a man near me after that.

I found it very dehumanising, being expected to undress in a corridor behind a curtain, sit in the same corridor with men and women in gowns and little else. When I complained they said it took too long for us to change in the radio room. This didn’t apply to asian women though I noticed.

But it was only 15 sessions so I crossed off the days and rewarded myself at the end with three tubs of haagen daz


Hello Corsa,

I had rads at Charing Cross in February, and the radiographers were lovely, very sensitive. Changing area was fine and my untreated breast was covered by my gown. I did have one young man, that did not bother me, in fact he was probably the nicest, even noticing one day that I was not on top form even before he asked me. Don’t be worried, I think the good experiences outweigh the bad.


I’ve just completed 29 rads (including 4 boosters) at the Beatson in Glasgow. I was very happy with the way things were handled … I didn’t get a gown but to be honest I was not bothered as it would just have been more faffing about getting into it and out of it. The staff were always very good when they had to re-position me and we even joked about it … especially on the day they were asked to go to a boring lecture and I asked if they wanted me to wriggle about a lot and delay them.

I was never rushed out at the end of a session - the staff always wished me a pleasant evening/weekend and also remembered things like my friend’s wedding and my son breaking his wrist and asked how things were etc.

I had 2 sessions where there were men present … 1 being a trainee/student which I had no objection to … the more ppl they can train the better is my view, the other was my 1st booster session and the one in charge was a youngish man … he was really nice and again I was not bothered about him seeeing my boobs (they aren’t that spectacular so I don’t think he was too interested)

As for the music - nothing ever played at my sessions sticks out as being inappropriate, usually I was aware that there was music playing but by the time I got home I couldn’t even remember what it was.

As someone else has said a lot of the banter in the radiotherapy threads is a bit tongue in cheek - try not to worry about the treatement and what goes with it.

Thanks to all for getting back to me with mostly positive experiences. Especially as I put my discussion on the wrong thread. Feeling a bit low at present but only have two more chemo’s to go after tommorrow , if all goes well hope to be finished by 8th July . So hope to get going on rads asap after then . Corsa

Good luck Corsa

As you can see, most experiences are positive. I had a mixture of male and female (always one of each) who were probably about mid twenties but very professional and very kind.

Cecelia. x