Radiotherapy after Becker implant

Has anybody had rads after having Becker expander implant or any ther implant and what effect did it have?


Hi Wendy
I had a skin sparing mastectomy with temporary implant. During radiotherapy I slapped cream on the breast before and after treatment and can honestly say 4 months later my breast and implant looks fine. Dont worry the expanders will deal with the radiotherapy and when your ready you can have permanent implants.

I’ve got an expander implant and just had my first week of radiotherapy. It seems ok so far. AFAIK the main risk to the implant from radiation is capsular contraction. It may not happen but if it does the implant may need to be replaced but that wouldn’t be a major issue.

Hello, I had a bilateral mx with Becker implants, had rads on one side, and then had them exchanged last month. Mone also fared well and there was no difference between my rads and non-rads side. My surgeon said about 25-30% of people experience an effect on their recon, so hopefuy you will be fine. But I assume you will be getting the implant exchanged after rads anyway?


how long after rads did you have your Beckers replaced with the implants?
thanks Jude

1 year…although some surgeons arrested happy to do it after 6 months…

Thanks, SandyToes, i am seeing my BS again next week, but he seems keen to get on with it in less than 6 months, hence my onterest!