Radiotherapy after Mastectomy

Morning,  I had a left mastectomy with full lymph node removal just under two weeks ago.  I don’t know for definite yet if I’ll need rads but was told highly likely.  My question is how long after surgery would they look to start rads? Thanks in advance x

I think it depends on how well and quickly you heal but average seems to be about 6 weeks .I was 8 weeks post op and some ladies have been longer than that when the hospitals have been busy or they have had complications .I think they have guidelines within which they must start - maybe 2 months? Someone else will know the exact timescales .

There is a 12 week window between surgery and follow on treatment. Like Jill says average seems to be about 6 weeks. However, this does depend on how well you recover from surgery.
Sue xx



I started mine 9 weeks after my lumpectomy but my consultant told me that as long as I started within 12 weeks of surgery it was ok.  As Sue says they do like to make sure that the scar is healed enough before they start rads.


Helena xx

Anyone any idea why it has to be within 12 weeks or is that just guidelines. I was seen by onc within 12 but not started rads yet. There was a delay after op as I had to wait for oncotype results. X

I’m not sure-maybe you could ask in the "Ask the nurses " section ?

Will do thank you xx