Radiotherapy and pregnancy?

Hi everyone, does anyone know the rules regarding radiotherapy when pregnant or with babies, my niece is due any day now but my mom is due to have some radiotherapy on weds and she is a little concerned, no one seems to know ! Btw mom has been really poorly the last couple of months and we really thought she had come to the end of her journey, however she has been diagnosed with pneumonia and after being hospitalized she is already looking and feeling better than she has in ages. the onc took her off her taxol 2 months ago to give her body rest but she did not really pick up but we now think this has been causing most of the problems, we are due to see him again next week I hope we still have some avenues to try. Wish us luck!

Hi Rachael,

I haven’t got an answer for you but I am sure that someone in the radiology department will be able to answer your question

Hi Rachael

As far as I am aware if you are having radiotherapy you arent supposed to have contact with pregnant people. When I had a bone scan, after the injection I had to keep any contact with pregnant friends to a minimum for 24 hours as was slightly radio active. Also a friend of mine, when she was pregnant with first child, her mum had radiotherapy and was not allowed to go near her. But would double check as could be wrong.


Hi Rachel,

I had radiotherapy when my son was three weeks old, i did all the normal things with him that any new mother would do

Hope that helps