Radiotherapy breathing technique with snorkel?

Hi, I’m due to start rads on 1st July, got my planning meeting Monday 22nd. My onc said I would have to do a breathing technique with a nose clip, stornkel type thing and 3 D goggles… my mind boggles! Anyone else done this?


I can’t breath through my mouth, never been able to snorkel and am now panicking! Please let me know your experiences.



Thanks x


Which hospital are you at? I’ve never heard of that before. I’m 13/21 rad sessions done.

I’ve just finished the breathing technique (offical name, respiratory gating).  You do wear googles which show you a stanionary blue box. Another rectangle, green, is below the box that shows your breathing pattern.  When the time comes I had to hold my breath and the green rectangle was to sit in the blue box. I had a small white box placed on my chest that measured my breathing 2 inch max in size. I did not have to wear any other contraption.  

I have heard of the snorkel though!  

If you find it hard they shouldn’t proceed with the technique, so if you are not comfortable ask what other options are available.

Let us know how you get on.






Thanks Shell, I’m going in tomorrow so will find out all about it, a bit nervous. I’m going to a cancer centre in elstree dizzydee. Not been there before, it’s a good hour each way down the motorway!

Hi I am doing the breath hold technique at CPUK centre at Spire and once you get the hang of wearing the snorkeling gear and you figure out how to hold breath still is easy. You can’t move your chin at all as you are connected to a computer. Reminds me of something you may see in Christian Greys play room lol xd

Mysteeyleo which centre are you at? I went to Elstree. Finished on 21 July. I’m now able to go snorkelling which I could never do before! Yay, a positive side to this!