Radiotherapy burns & infection

I last had rads on 18th August developed burns about 10 days after & have had Mepilex dressings on them. Last Friday was put on antibiotics as small hard lump had appeared near scar. Lump is now about the size of a tennis ball & I am really worried. Temp is 38.7 but am taking painkillers so would prob be higher than that in reality. Would be grateful for any advice

Hi sallyliz1961

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, I’m sure you will soon receive replies from the other user giving their experiences and advice.

In the mean time may I suggest you contact your out of hours GP or NHS direct for their advice on your concerns. The NHS direct number is 0845 4647.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

poor you. I don’t know about the lump except I would insist on it being seen in the morning if not tonight personally. As to the burn I can help there as I suffered the same. The thing that really worked were Actiform-cool dressings. Few people have heard of them but they are made for rads burns and promote healing. They are sort of gel like and just cling to you so no sticky bits to make it worse. They have something in them which promotes healing and they are heaven if you feel like you are on fire. My skin actually smelt burnt if you touched it.
Good luck and speak to someone asap,
Lily x