Radiotherapy cures more patients than cancer drugs

Interesting link that i thought i would share, I think Radiotherapy is often the unsung hero in cancer treatments so its good to see more funding was made available for better treatments ,it was also good to see that in 2012, the Government launched the Radiotherapy Innovation Fund – initially £15 million but later boosted to £23 million – to help NHS Trusts in England provide more patients with access to advanced radiotherapy.
We often hear so much about cancer drugs which of course is great ,but think we often forget how important and effective Radiotherapy is, so im glad to see its revival.±+Science+Update%29


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This is so interesting. When I was dx in 2010 I had the full range of treatment, chemo, surgery, rads and Herceptin. My onc told me straight, that after Herceptin for the HER2+ status having radiotherapy was the best chance of it not recurring in the future.
I know there are no guarantees but I definitely think that radiotherapy is sometimes the unsung hero and gets a little forgotten with credit going to other more “sexy” treatments.

Interesting piece, thanks for sharing!

Before I had my first (and only) chemo, my onc and BCN were quite insistent I have it. Then, when I quit, they told me that as I am strongly ER+ the tamoxifen and rads were the best combo to reduce the risk of recurrence and control any stray cells.

I have also since heard that rads to the axilla is the preferred option over ANC (I only had SNB at the time of my WLE)???

Lisa79 my consultant has said I will have RADs for nodal involvement instead of ANC, although I am also having chemo.