Radiotherapy following LD flap recon

Hi there

Anyone had experience of having radio after having an LD flap recon with implant? I’m due to have this done and bit concerned about the effects of the radio and the risk of a capsule forming even though they said they will do it over an extended time period.
any help much appreciated
love to all

Hi Cazze

I am currently going through this and on day 13 come Monday there is no difference so far at all with the implant itself…


Hi Lucy

Thanks for letting me know. Hope it continues to go well for you.

Hi, I’ve had a lat flap immediate recon with a McGann (sp?) (ie inflatable) implant. Due to start chemo this Fri and rads thereafter. Saw my recon surgeon yesterday, and he said that the implant will have to be inflated before rads, as it’s impossible to do successfully after. He also said that you have one of two reactions re hardness afterwards - either it goes hard almost immediately, or it goes gradually harder over three to six months. He says in most cases, a replacement implant is needed. Something like 70% of women need it replacing 5 years after the op anyway, even without rads. It’s not a complicated op.

I suspect that some women don’t experience encaspsulation (hardness) post rads, but there is a high chance of it happening. The important thing is to tell your recon man as soon as you start to feel ant change in the implant, so they can sort it out before it gets really uncomfortable for you. They’re used to it happening and will help you when it does.

Hope this helps, good luck,

Nicola x

I’m due to have an ld flap or a mini flap recon (we don’t know yet, still awaiting some results) in Sept. What’s all this about an inflatable implant? Nobody has mentioned this to me. What is it and am I likely to have one? My boobs are c cup and I have enough flesh on back for recon without probs (ie I am not skinny, but not fat either!). I am also down for rads after recon.

Hi Emma

I have/had a C cup too but still needed an inflatable implant to stretch the skin after the mastectomy…! am a size 12…


Thanks ssilver. Who has mastectomy and immediate recon, then? People with massive boobs? Or is the expander implant for people who choose not to have an immediate reconstruction, but want one months or years later?