Radiotherapy for bone mets

Hi Maddison

I’ve had relief every time after I’ve had radiotherapy so don’t let it put you off what some of us have been through. My last lot (beginning of the year) was quite intensive and I think that’s why it took so much longer for my pain relief to kick in but I have very little pain now and am able to walk about quite normally which I wasn’t able to do earlier on in the year.

Only you can decide what to do but, for me, it’s been worth having the radiotherapy every time (have now had 3 separate ones to every part of my spine).

Good luck.

Hi…I agree with pinkdove…I had some increased pain but for me it was all over after only 3 days…I would definitely have rads if they were recommended again.

Hi Maddison,

Like you Maddison my mets are very extensive (dx mets 6 yrs ago and right from the start were extensive). I found it a very difficult decision to make whether to have rads this time or not. Over the past 5 months I was offered the rads twice and turned it down after discussion. I felt the pain was controllable and didnt want to use up options that I might need later. Plus I wasn’t convinced they would be aiming at the right area. When things got a lot worse 5 weeks ago I was back to discuss it further. I suspect yours is as bad as mine was/is! if you are needing 30mg bd of MST and the other meds to make the pain tolerable. I also asked the onc if refusing rads at this stage left me at a higher risk of a hip fracture - she thought this was a possiblility. I have to say that the pain is really quite awful even after the rads and am hanging on to what I have been told by the onc and by people here that it really does get worse before it improves. Will keep in contact and let you know how it goes. I would say that if I find in this coming month the relief I am hoping for then it has been worth it. I can’t walk very far now without a lot of discomfort.


Hi Maddison

I’m so sorry if i have put doubts in your mind about having radiotherapy. It is just over a week since i had it so its early days yet. I spoke to the palliative care dr today who has been keeping tabs on me and he said everybody responds differently, some people get pain relief straight away and for others it takes a few weeks for them to feel the benefit but he said it is fairly unusual for it to have no effect at all so i guess i will just have to be patient until it kicks in. Although i have spine mets i dont have back pain just pain in my left hip so i didnt hesitate when the onc suggested rads as not only is the pain restricting me getting on with life but it is also a constant reminder that i have cancer and i want to put that to the back of my mind.

I’m sure you will choose what is the best option for you and i wish you all the best with whatever route you take.


Dawn, have sent email address, hope you are doing ok xx