Radiotherapy for DCIS starting November 2015

Feeling a bit violated by the black dot tattoos I had done today. Now I’ve just read that they are using fluorescent ones at Royal Marsden that don’t show - wish they had reached Mount Vernon Hospital!  I had high grade DCIS in my left breast, a successful WLE on 20 August, and radiotherapy x 15 is starting 2 November. Oh joy! Anyone else in same boat?

Hi Nella,I was equally as thrilled by my tattoos there is something horribly symbolic about they ,however I have to say 2 months on I am struggling to find them!!!The fluorescent ones sound good unless you go somewhere with fluorescent lighting!!I spoke to a lady who had a blue bird tattooed over the top when her treatment finished !I had 15 sessions of radiotherapy finished. 6 weeks ago.There are usually monthly threads for people going through rads so people can support each other ,if you need any advice there are some of us who have recently finished and some in the process of having radiotherapy on the “October and Onwards thread”.

Yes I felt like that about the tattoos too and I also still have a blue blob next to my nipple from the sentinel node biopsy. I now barely notice any of them. I finished rads 6 months ago. Good luck with yours. It really isn’t too bad, but do give yourself a break if you feel tired particularly in the weeks afterwards.

Thanks Jill and Mindful, I’ll look out for the November thread then. 


It’s good to talk to people who aren’t going to say “oh, but it just looks like a beauty spot!” Maybe, but not one I would have chosen… (and the idea of it looking more like a blackhead is more how I feel!) 


I am quite anxious about how I’ll feel and whether I’ll be able to carry on working or not. My work is being very understanding, so if I do need time off, I will be able to take it. But I am hoping that if I feel tired, I’ll just have early nights? If I feel burned, just slap on lots of cream… anyway… I guess I’ll find out soon enough. 


Thanks for answering again. 

Got my tattoos on wednesday , the same day i had my last chemo, personally they dont bother me in the slightest. Got 3 weeks before i start my rads and going to enjoy this bit of time to have a little weekend away just so i can feel normal since my chemos been ongoing since June. Looking forward to no appointments for a few weeks .x

Hi Nella, I had exactly the same as you, left sided high grade DCIS. I had a WLE and finished my course of 15 rads on Tuesday. I don’t feel too bad, I’ve had pain & discomfort in my boob, but just took painkillers when needed. My doctors gave me a certificate for a month so I can rest if needed. My skin was slightly red, I’ve got a shed load of what look like brown miles on my side boob and underarm. It is odd looking down and seeing the tattoo dot, which does look like a blackhead.
I will admit to being scared of starting the treatment, I think it’s fear of the unknown but you quickly get used to it. I was worried that I wouldn’t hold my breath correctly but they do so many checks that I have faith that it went well. It’s good to try to just relax & not to worry about it (easier said than done I know).
Hope it all goes well for you.

Not far behind you! Had 1st WLE on right breast 10/9 - turnd out to be much bigger than expected with only 3 clear margins so had 2nd WLE on 09/10 - with clear results. Attending Christies at Salford Royal next week for r/therapy planning, to be followed by 15 sessions. Xx

Thank you for making me smile!! :wink:

Im not a tattoo person, however, this whole mullarkey did make me think about have a small, tasteful cover-up. Then, unprompted, my BCN said they are permanent so they can be used in the future IF necessary. Bang goes that idea! X

Hi Nella, I finished my three weeks of radiotherapy last week. So far only slight pinking of breast to date. I drank plenty of water and 'slapped ’ on the aqueous non SLS cream given by my radiographers. I also avoided hot showers and no rubbing of area with towels and no other shower gels ,creams or deodrants. Not sure if I was lucky but I can honestly say this was the easiest of my treatment. Don’t assume the worst if in doubt apply that cream frequently! Good luck x

Hi Nickif

Still not feeling great. Did you have a large area of DCIS and what grade was it.?

Did you have the area removed or the whole breast?

Because they can t see anything on mammogram and scans it s difficult to what amount to take . I m afraid that they won t get clear margins next time and it s just the waiting again. Mind just working overtime. Xx

Hi Jannette

I too have been diagnosed with DCIS of varying degrees after a wire guided excision. Not clear margins so back in week Tuesday for wle. I m scared that they won t get clear margins again. Nothing showing on my mammogram and scans so difficult to know what to take. How did they pick yours up ? Xx