Radiotherapy, how will l feel??

Have been told I will need 3 weeks of Radiotherapy post op.  Will I be able to drive to hosp and back.  How tired will I feel, how bad is the nausea??  Will I still be able to work, office job?? Any advice appreciated so I can be prepared.


Thank you!

I have just finished 3 weeks and it was fine - no nausea, tiredness not really an issue. I think though it affects everyone differently and they told me I may get more effects after the treatment has finished.

Hi Sarn

I drove myself to and from radiotherapy (about 30 miles each way). I was lucky and did not have any big problems - certainly no nausea and did not feel particularly tired. Told to use aqueous cream on skin which they provided (also found diprobase very good) - went a bit red but not too bad. Also told to use PitRok deodorant as they said it did not contain anything which would cause a problem. Due to the fact that work was a long commute in a completely different direction I could not get to the office but fortunately my then employer was happy for me to work from home (and found me a project they wanted doing as well as the bits of my role I could already do from home) so that was what I did - managed to get all my appointments reasonably early so just worked a bit later to make up the time. Also took a few odd days holiday and took someone with me to the radiotherapy on those days - afterwards we went and did something nice for the afternoon! Hope it goes well for you too.

Hi sarn66 started mine a week ago, havent fell tired, slightly pink breast but dosent feel too bad. and i feel fine, I didnt have chemo so feel relieved,  Have been creaming furiously guess that must help.  Actually went to 40th birthday party last fri and danced , had few glasses vino , actually had hangover sat.Ive walked a lot, and have tried to got to bed at a reasonable time, but apart from that, sat my friends dog like i normally do.  Hope all goes well with you.  June


I’m another one that’s not finding radio much of a problem.

I’m 9/15 done and looking forward to being 2/3 of the way through tomorrow.


I’ve put on my own choice of cream (sensitive, natural ingredients product) some days but I’ve been wondering why I need to. I’ve maybe a slight pinkness under my boob so stopped wearing under wired bras after dose 6 but I’m wearing a soft lightweight sports crop bra instead.


Daily travel into the city is a pain as I work from home and I’m not used to this commuting, traffic business. I drive myself in most days though my fella comes with me on his midweek day off.


I ran a half marathon after 3 sessions. I’m running a 5mile evening race (though not at ‘race’ speed) tomorrow. And I’ve been rash or maybe over confident that ask will be ok still the weekend after treatment has finished as I’ve entered a 15 mile trail event.


Apologies to anyone who has troublesome side effects but I am so far, so good.

Hi, I had a wide local excision 2 years ago followed by 3 weeks of radiotherapy.  Didn’t have any side effects from the radiotherapy other than a bit emotional.  The staff were all brilliant but I did have a break-down one day when a male nurse was preparing me.  I found that really usetting and requested not to have a male (I’m in no way a prude but just couldn’t cope with that and felt so on display with the position they need you to be in for the treatment).  I carried on working every day and going for therapy in the afternoon.  Tiredness wasn’t an issue for me.  I had a little bit of redness (and itchiness) and my nipple lost all colour (2 years on and you can still see the skin colour change on my breast and my nipple is still not back to normal colour) but as those were the only real side effects I suffered I consider myself quite lucky.  


Good luck and fingers crossed you sail through.  

I start mine this afternoon , planned it that way so I could work so hopefully no bad side effects , I’ve requested females only as well, I’m no prude either but it’s undignified enough so ive spoken up about it , everyone has been so lovely and I had no probs will a male surgeon but this is different , had two lovely girls doing my planning so hopefully get them again today xx