Radiotherapy, is it worth it??

Hi all,


I’m 48 years old and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April of this year. Had lumpectomy and 3 nodes removed.


18mm tumour

Clear margins

No vascular involvement

No lymph node involvement

ER Negative

HER Positive


I struggled through chemo and six weeks on still have peripheral neuropathy. I’ve had four herceptin injections. I was very reluctant to have chemo but decided to go ahead after I got high percentages from the Onc using the NHS predict tool. However, it is my understanding that this did not take radiotherapy into account. I am now wondering what kind of added percentage the radiotherapy gives me and if the potential side effects including long term ones are worth the risk in relation to the actual benefit radiotherapy will give me. I would have thought that the chemo would have mopped up any “stray” cells.


Anyone had percentages regarding the benefits of radiotherapy?



Hiya, I was told that it is already factored into NHS Predict because it is a standard treatment xxx

Hi, I was told that the radiotherapy mandatory for breast conserving surgery. (also having  underarm as +node). My surgeon/oncologist gave the  % which u can’t remember what they were but quite significant. X

hi haz,
I do recall the surgeon & bc nurse saying to me that rads reduced recurrance by 60%, so therefore I was happy with this, however, I did not need chemo.
ann x

Thanks for your replies Helly and Ann.


The time for me to question radiotherapy should have been BEFORE my breast conserving surgery. I’m just having a bad time just now. Since diagnosis in April I’ve been strong and positive but I guess it’s all just catching up with me now. Time to put on my big girl pants and get on with my radiotherapy which starts next week. I think it’s the thought of having treatment every day that is one of the things I am struggling with.


Good luck with your treatment.



Thank you all ladies for your kind words of support. I don’t know where I would be without this forum.


Marydan - As we are having our treatment at the same place I had a quick look through your posts. I also have an underlying long term health problem, in my case it’s mental health. I’ve been under the care of a psychiatrist for over 20 years for severe depression and an anxiety disorder. And, Yes, parking is a nightmare! I requested my appts for lunchtime as I noticed when I was there for surgery, chemo, outpatients etc. that it is slightly better around then as it is inbetween the morning and afternoon outpatient clinics for the general hospital. There is nowhere near enough parking to accommodate the Beatson alone, never mind that there is also a General AND psychiatric hospital on the same campus with both inpatients and outpatients. I’m also having counselling at the Beatson which I find really helpful. I’ve had my rads planning appointment and all the staff were really lovely. I note from your other posts that they don’t ask you to use any cream until necessary? That worries me a bit, it’s like sunbathing without any sun factor on in my mind.


Again, many thanks everyone and wish you all well in your treatment.



Ah hazel bless you I think it would be unusual not to have the occasional wobble!  I am 19 down with 4 to go and you be honest as the others have said it does go very quickly.  Apart from an itchy rash and I am now feeling really tired it’s been fine and the radiographers have been fantastic x

Oh, and now I’m blubbing because you’ve all been so kind and supportive.


Thank you all for your kind words and reassurance. I start next Thurs so by the this time next week I will be two down.


Good luck to all of you with your treatment.