Radiotherapy over....what now

Radiotherapy over…what now

Radiotherapy over…what now Hi there,

I finished my rads on weds after 25 sessions 5 days a week for 5 weeks. Was only congratulating myself probably bragging that I had little or no side effects, now treatment has finished they have really kicked in, constant itching of my breast which is red raw…(kept painting my finger nails yesterday then taking it off and painting again just so i would not scratch…lol)also have noticed that under my arm as become really inflamed, not swollen but very sore. Am a bit concerned because I was told that no rads were being given under the arm. Any suggestions how I can ease this discomfort…do not want to bother BC nurse if this is a normal thing following rads.

Any suggestions please


Hi Elaine

I didn’t have rads to the underarm but after all my treatment was finished I noticed it was very dark, when I had a good look at it the skin was peeling off and it was slightly burnt. I first thought it was hair growing back!!! I’m still tender and a little swollen and I finished rads on 3rd January.

Hope this helps

Hi Elaine I would get it seen too as soon as you can, I had a bit of a problem 2 weeks after rads finished, and thought it was just the normal process, but it turned out to be cellulitis and I needed some antibiotics, so check to be safe. Did your rads nurse give you the option of contacting them again ??




Thanks for your reply Thanks for your message, yes they gave me a number to ring if it got any worse. Although today apart for the constant itching of the breast under my arm as not been to bad. Will ring them in needs be.

Start new job tomorrow so have to be well.


radio relief Hi Elaine

Had discomfort after my radio and found aloe vera gel very soothing. It can take a while to get better. Try and not wear too tight clothing and stick to cottons.

Good luck with it all and hope you get better.