Radiotherapy - R1 R2 cream - is it still available / cream recommendations please

I’ve just had surgery and am starting radiotherapy in a few weeks. 

A friend recommended using R1 R2 cream but I can’t find it in the UK and wonder if it’s no longer available. Is there something else that others recommend using instead?

Thank you!

Maybe see what you are given…I was given a huge pot of cream at my first session 

Hello Juliets

My Dr.s prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment during radiation 2x daily,

It works well, goes on like vasoline so wear tank top ,t shirt you don’t care about. I had 4 power doses at the end that were painful two weeks after. My daughter found ALHYDRAN- medical grade Aloe- you can order directly from them or other suppliers, works very well - still using it daily for scaring. i was also using silverdyne at night.

best of luck- Ring that bell when you’re done!



I used that 8 years ago, and tried to find it again for the other breast but no luck. I think the nearest is Flamigel RT looks like available from Amazon. 
Hope that helps.

Best wishes, Karen 


moo goo and aveeno, had no problems with skin or soreness. My treatment finished 18 march

good luck :two_hearts: