Radiotherapy starting 17th

I went for my planning today and was shocked when they told me I was starting radiotherapy in 2 days time on the 17th. At the moment I have got blue pen everywhere from the markings that I keep touching!!

I am hoping that compared to chemotherapy this will be a walk in the park but I am already getting tired thinking about travelling to the hospital for 25 sessions. Went for a Muga scan yesterday as I will be having Herceptin but I keeping having hot flushes so they have to keep putting the air conditioning on when I go for anything. My husband said it’s like being in a dinghy at sea when I’m in bed as I keep rolling around the bed throwing the covers off!!! He’s thinking about taking joyrides for travel sickness.

Anyway, any tips/advice would be gratefully received.


Hi Angela,

Radiotherapy is a breeze!

I had 25 sessions and got very tired and slept most afternoons- go easy on yourself.
Buy some E45 or aqueous cream and slather it on morning and night.
Drink at least 2 litres of water per day to combat dehydration.
Make sure that you use a gentle soap on the area having the rads- I used Johnsons baby wash and finally, no shaving that underarm!

Good luck


Not at this stage yet need masectomy and chemo first lucky me!!! I picked up on your point of no shaving underarm what about hair removal cream is that ok??


Hi Karen

They do say that after mastectomy and during rads depilitary (sp?) cream is OK as are electric razors. But strictly no perfumed deodorants or soaps etc.

And yes Angela, I’m on my second week of rads now and it is pretty easy. But I do find I need a lot of water so make sure you keep hydrated.

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

Thank you for your comments I suggested on another thread regarding water that before dx I was at WW and we would constantly start or restart a thread headed water to remind us all to have another glass. Worth a try

Good luck with your rads hope it all goes ok keep posting



I was told to let the underarm hair grow! To be honest, I did get a burn on my underarm and glad that I followed their advice as it could have been a lot worse