Radiotherapy wheeze?

Hi Folks
I am about to start my fourth week of five weeks radiotherapy. I have been well so far apart from suddenly developing a wheeze in my chest from nowhere. I went to bed one night perfectly fine and started wheezing in the night. And it’s continued ever since. It’s one of those where when you are asleep but get woken up by a high pitch noise. It’s only when you come to that you realise it’s you and you have to move higher up your pillows to try and tone it down! It’s sooooooooo irritating.

I have read on here that other people have also developed something similar so I brought it to the attention of the radiographers, the senior radiographer and tHe consultant. All have completely dismissed it as having nothing to do with the rads! They say I have probably caught a cold! Well I don’t have a cold and I’m well otherwise.

It is starting to get me down but I don’t know what to do about it. Should I go to my GP? Will she be able to give me anything to shift it whilst I’m having rads or have I just got to grin and bear it?

On a more positive note…for those who are worried about having rads, don’t be. The daily process takes no more than 5 mins. I arrive each day, change into a top given to me for the purpose, usually wait 5 mins to be seen, 5 mins on the table and 2 mins to get changed. No more than 12 minutes EVER! And the staff are great.

Anyone else with this irritating wheeze?

Take care

Hi JF, that is how I started about a month after rad treatment with a wheeze. I have started a thread about symptomatic lung fibrosis which my GP says I have got from the rad treatment. If you look at the consent form you signed for the rad treatment it is listed as a rarer complication/ side effect from having rad treatment. I have never had a wheezie chest in my life or hay fever. My GP put me on a high dose of steroids for ten days and it helped but came back in a month. I had an infection then on my sinuses which made chest worse so just finished three weeks of doxycycline and so far I am ok. I should see your GP and get them to do a chest X-ray which mine did just to be sure nothing sinister was going on and lung function test. Mine was rubbish! Hope this helps, Katy.