Radiotherapy while scar not yet healed?

Hi all, I had a haematoma after surgery which took a few weeks to heal but hasn’t quite closed up in one section, like a little gutter. My onc says it’s ok to start rads now but I’m not convinced. Won’t that area be more at risk of problems? If anyone has any advice Id be very grateful. I’d also really like to know how you all felt after rads, is the tiredness debilitating? I’d ghete anything I should be doing to prepare? Thank you, so glad to find you all!

Hello Skylark,


Sorry can’t help with the wound predicament and rads.  Maybe you could ask for a second opinion or just discuss it with the people administering the radiotherapy as they will have seen most things and how it can affect.


Regarding radiotherapy, I had 15 sessions.   I did experience a worsening of my arm movement afterwards,(just as i had got it back to some normality).  This has taken time/is taking time to feel more normal as well as effects on scar tissue.  I also  still get sharpish pains every so often, which are considered a normal side effect.   On the plus side, I did not experience any additional  fatigue or skin issues during or after.  I did use E45 on my skin every so often.


Regards and best wishes to you x

Hi skylark. Can’t help on the wound I’m afraid. Nor can I tell you what it’s like at the end of rads yet. I am 12/20 and feeling absolutely fine. Turning a bit pink and have a lovely triangle shape on my boob and just under my arm. Looks just like a heat rash. Just keep plastering the cream on which I keep in the fridge so nice and cooling. A few stabbing pains but was told this may happen but had similar after surgery so no concerns there. I honestly believe every single one of us is different and being semi prepared will help but all could be ok. Have 8 to go 5 of which are boosters to the tumour bed. Then recovery and hope it carries on as now if not then will cope with it and cream and excersise to beat the fatigue again something that hasn’t happened yet and hoping it doesn’t as my daughter is organising the breast cancer care afternoon tea for me so have to be right for that!!! And I will be ?. Stay strong and positive it helps. X take care

Hi Skylark,

I had 15 x radiotherapy first time around years ago and it really was completely trouble free. End up with very slight pinkness like sunburn which I just slapped a ton of aqueous cream on. Apart from that no side effects or tiredness at all.

Hi Skylark,

Yeah after 12 years I got a different cancer in the same breast so had to have mastectomy and chemo which I got away with not having last time. Just done second lot of chemo, so far so good.

Oh Sally, I’m so sorry, what a shock for you. I’m so glad you’re coping ok and getting through. Sending hugs and good vibes and all good wishes