rads and babies

i dont know if i read somewhere or someone told me that when you have radiotherapy you are supposed to stay away from babies and small children. has anyone else heard this or been told this?
angie xx

I have never heard that one. Have, today, just finished 18 sessions and nobody gave me any advice about avoiding babies and children.
I have had regular contact with my 2 grandchildren during treatment (aged 2 & 5) in fact we have just minded them for 4 nights while mum and dad were away and it certainly did me more good than harm!! The only thing is to be very careful of the side being treated as can get very tender but certainly didn’t stop me having lots of cuddles.
Could the advice have been related to chemotherapy??

Hi Angiepops,
I finished rads in April - here’s a quote from the radiotherapy booklet given to me by St James Institute of Oncology Leeds - “radiotherapy itself is painless and does not make you radioactive. It is perfectly safe for you to be with other people, including children, throughout your treatment”.
Hope this is helpful, all the best with your treatment.