Rads and breast size???

Hi, I have 2 more rads to go and wondered what my breast (WLC) may look like 6 months down the line. I’ve considered lipofil if the size change is very significant. Am I looking on the black side ??Has anyone breast NOT shrunk?? Goes your skin go back to normal?

my breast looks pretty much the same post rads,apart from the dent and scar,but not shrunken and the skin looks the same as my other breast,if that’s any comfort !

I have small breasts but post-lumpectomy, chemo and rads it is the BC breast that looks the best!
I finished rads in Jan and the BC breast remains firmer and more round than the other.

Perhaps it takes years for the breast to shrink- or maybe some people’s never do?:

Thanks girls that’s made me feel a bit better. xxxx

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